Sampling of Pictures of United Airlines Corporation Crashes
During World-Record Series of Airline Crashes

UAL, Hayward, California

UAL New York City, December 16, 1960

UAL New York City 1960: How some react.

UAL New York City, 1960. Stevie Baltz, lone survivor—for two days

Investigators, shocked.

Neighbors, grieving.

TWA Constellation, rammed by the UAL DC-8

UAL DC-8 Denver: Passengers  inside

Denver: Removing the dead

UAL Salt Lake City, with passengers inside.

UAL DC-8, Portland, Oregon

UAL, Chicago

Jumping years ahead, to September 11, 2001:
Multiple airlines—including UAL Corporation

Woman jumping to her death,
One of reported 200 people dying in this manner.

Of special interest, to serious and responsive people, in the 9/11 calamities:

Pictures of some were not available, including such deadly crashes as the UAL flight that crashed into a TWA aircraft over the Grand Canyon, the UAL flight that plunged into Lake Michigan, and others.

Sampling of airline crashes at United Airlines corporation over a period of years.

  • Unprecedented life and death assignment given to one FAA airlines safety inspector to halt the reported corrupt pilot training practices at the UAL corporation.

  • FAA attacks from political management that enabled the corrupt practices to continue, along with  years more enabled crashes and deaths.

  • Sampling of crashes and near crashes occurring during the attacks, enabled by the corrupt practices he discovered and tried to correct.

  • Desperate to circumvent the blocks and halt the corruption-enabled crashes and deaths, the inspector used the law in an unprecedented manner, acting similar to an independent prosecutor.

  • As the world's worst aviation disaster scandal continued without public awareness, other segments of the government engaged in serious misconduct that escalated the consequences over the years. Among the government entitities acting to protect the corrupt conduct and deadly consequences were people in the U.S. Department of Justice, federal judges, Supreme Court Justices, and others. Evidence of a government oligarchy with even worse consequences later. These consequences were also enabled by corrupt practices in government departments, aided by congressional and media cover-ups, and further by indifference of the American public.

Credibility of this information, including the unprecedented apology by Supreme Court Justice Byron White, click here.

In most of these crashes, there has never been closure for the families left behind, and there never will be, until the truth becomes known about the misconduct that enabled these tragedies to occur.