Oligarchy's system of attacking whistleblowers—and 50 years of enabled tragedies.


America's Albatross: A bright future for the America people made into a deadly shambles by U.S. leaders.


Sampling of highlights on recorded corruption enabled catastrophic events.


Decades of aviation disasters and deaths under the "tombstone agency."


Decades of great harm upon individual Americans by corrupt personnel in government.


Decades of brutalities inflicted upon people of other nations by the actions of U.S. politicians.


Harm inflicted upon people of the Middle East—where retaliation is brutal.


U.S. secretly providing funds, arms, and chemical weapons to Iraq.


The Israeli-American killing machine: catalyst for initial series of terrorist attacks upon the United States.


Israel-U.S. atrocities on Palestinians, including hundreds of children.


Explosive growth of  "terrorism" toward Americans, and terrorist-successes, enabled by U.S. politicians.


Examples of possible harm to Americans from misconduct of America's leaders.


DOJ Attacks on patriotic whistleblowers that enabled 50 years of great tragedies.




Detailed books by insiders on 50 years of high-level corruption  and resulting tragedies.