$10 Million Plus Assets Developed From
$500 Initial Investment
And Subsequent Years of Hard Work

Among the assets that were seized and liquidated were the following:

The value of the properties when taken in the late 1980s were about $10 million, and at the peak in 2008, close to $17 million.

Multi-Millionaire to State of Poverty
Consequences of Attempts to Halt String Of
Corruption-Enabled Catastrophic Events

The assets used to fund several decades of efforts by the corruption-fighter and his sources to expose and halt the continuing corrupt conduct in key government groups that were resulting in:

Credibility Index

Decades of credibility: www.wikileaksusa.org/m_credibility_index.html.

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Futility of the Sacrifices

Relying on the below elements to face the hoard in the U.S. government oligarchy!