October Surprise

October Surprise was the scheme to bring about the defeat of President Jimmy Carter and the election of Ronald Reagan in the 1980 elections, as president of the United States. This scheme against the United States and the peopleregardless of the merits of changing leaders, were a series of criminal acts against the United States and its people. It is portrayed in the lapdog U.S. media as bogus; it was real!

This scheme has multiple issues for people to understand. For instance:


This material is presented by Captain Rodney Stich, whose unique activities involving aviation, government  intrigue, and foreign affairs, started in 1940, when he joined the U.S. Navy, a year before the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. He was the youngest Navy Patrol Plane Commander in World War II, an international airline captain, an unprecedented corruption fighter since the mid-1960s.

He has become the focal point for dozens of former professionals in covert and law enforcement operations. Decades of evidence of his credibility includes highly respected U.S. Supreme Court Justice Byron White. He has 70 years of exposure to corruption in government and the resulting tragedies.

Blowback or Ripple Effects from
U.S. Meddling in Foreign Affairs

For those who have read the books by Rodney Stich, based on his unusual personal experiences and that of his dozens of covert and other inside confidants, have learned about the decades of literal secret conductand consequencesof America's protected elites in government. October Surprise is one such example. Stich was fortunate to have so many covert intelligence sources, and especially Gunther Russbacher.

October Surprise was not an isolated series of events. It was actually part of the following series of related events, all of which was corrupt or criminal acts under international law or laws of the United States:

In an excellent example of the constant  blowback or ripple effects from U.S. bungling into foreign affairs, the 1953 overthrow of the democratically-elected government of Iran provides a classic example of U.S. bungling. One of the ripple effects of the international crime committed by the U.S. in 1953while Stich was in Iran flying Muslim  pilgrims from throughout the Middle East to the holy cities of Mecca and Medina, was the October Surprise scheme--related crimes.

One of the best sources for insider information on the October surprise is Captain Rodney Stich. Among the reasons being the following:

George Bush (Sr.) Involved in Multiple CIA Operations

Vice-President candidate George Bush played a bizarre role in that October Surprise operation. It was too-bizarre to state in without providing the evidence supporting his role. The space here is too limited.

Vice President George Bush is described in another CIA operation based in Honolulu. In the book, Explosive Secrets of Covert CIA Companies, by Captain Rodney Stich, there is a section describing what the head of a covert CIA company based in Hawaii stated to Stich during several years of communications. That CIA operation had worldwide attention in the 1980s when a Honolulu television reporter exposed irregularities in that company.

During these conversations, and based upon secret documents that Stich received, it was learned that Vice President George Bush (Sr.) had secret bank accounts at that covert CIA company. There was a code name identifying the Bush account.

In one column were the names of the parties for whom the CIA placed the money, and in another column were the code names for each of the beneficiaries. Several were nationally known people, including a former president of the United States and a former federal judge. The full details are given in the book, Defrauding America, author by Captain Rodney Stich. (Print and digital formats at amazon.com and other Internet sources.) See www.defraudingamerica.com/secret_bank_accounts.


The Standard American Cover-Ups

And  then there was the standard cover-ups by members of Congress, the U.S. mainstream media, and personnel in  the U.S. Department of Justice and in the 16 intelligence agencies. Being in continual contact with covert intelligence people directly involved in October Surprise, Stich notified many members of Congress (all of whom eventually covered-up, as well as many media personnel).

A sampling of those who initially responded:

Former Hostages Failure to Seek Financial Compensation
From October Surprise Planners Holding High Offices

A New York Times article (May 9, 2013) described the attempts by former American hostages held in Iran to obtain compensation from Iran  for their imprisonment. The article stated in part:

Part of their bitterness is their fruitless 17-year struggle for substantial compensation. They were blocked by the State Department from winning damages in court, because the agreement that freed them, the Algiers Accord, barred such suits. But last year they gained 69 co-sponsors am a House bill to let them be compensated, as much as $4.4 million each, through fines on companies caught violating trade sanctions with Iran. Now there is a substantial bipartisan effort in the Senate to do the same.

Their supporters say that an odd combination of circumstances has rescued the hostages from fading national memory: the spillover publicity from a hit movie, "Argo," about co-workers who escaped captivity, and the killings of the American ambassador to Libya last year and of a young diplomat in Afghanistan in April. Those have created sympathy for the perils faced by the Foreign Service.

And the new strategy avoids the opposition of the State Department, which for more than 10 years has found itself as a surrogate defender of Iran, because of its defense of the Algiers Accords. [Or, the attempt to prevent exposure of the October Surprise scheme that delayed the hostages' release!]

But the effort is baring some ugly tales of captivity, in interviews and in a series of videos made to amplify the hostages' case. ... the beatings, the mock firing squads, and being tied up in a bed, day and night, forced for eight hours at a time to press his nose against the wall. ... When he was caught, he was bound, pummeled, and pushed back and forth between hostile captors; he thought a crowd would tear him apart.

U.S. State Department Culture and the Latest:
Benghazi Tragedy and Cover-Ups

The culture, the incompetence, the lying, and the cover-ups, from those earlier tragedies surfaced again in the Benghazi tragedy.

  • State Department administrators denying requested protection.

  • State Department administrators denying help while under attack.

  • State Department administrators covering up and lying: an American tradition!

  • Retaliation against whistleblowers: an American tradition!

  • Cover ups by other personnel from the President on down: an American tradition!

  • State Department administrators: Secretary of State Hillary Clinton; U.S. Ambassador Susan Rice.

During a Senate hearing in January 2013, in response to repeated questions about her State Department’s initial claims that the attacks were the result of protests and other issues, Hillary Clinton shouted:

“What difference, at this point, does it make” if the attacks were the result of a protest or not. It is our job to figure out what happened and do everything we can to prevent it from ever happening again.”

The answer to that statement should have been obvious to her. The cover then followed.

In September 2013, the CIA admitted to the American people that it orchestrated the 1953 coup that toppled Iran's democratically-elected prime minister—and set in motion the Islamic revolution in 1979. Several years later, in 19xx, a tagger-happy commander of a small U.S. Navy vessel shot down an Iranian airliner that had departed Abadan, Iran, on a flight to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, on a civil airways. That war-like act killed 290 people. President Ronald Regan stated the shooting down of the airliner was justified, and subsequent president George H.W. Bush gave the trigger-happy navy commander a medal. U.S. politicians then declared Iran  the enemy, when in reality Iran was a victim of U.S. politicians and the powers in the CIA.

These matters were revealed years earlier in the book, Defrauding America, by Rodney Stich. The primary reason for toppling Mossadegh was his decision to nationalize Iran's oil industry which had been run by Britain. George Washington University's National Security Archive obtained the documents under the Freedom of Information Act.

A formerly CIA marked "secret" document stated: "The military coup that overthrew Mossadegh and his National Front cabinet was carried out under CIA direction as an act of US foreign policy," and to support British interests: Today's BP.

The CIA reports continued the U.S. practices of intervening in anything that favo4red the Soviets during the decades-long Cold War. U.S. politicians and CIA personnel feared that the Soviets would invade and take over Iran if the crisis escalated and sent in warships. Overthrowing the democratically-elected government of Mossadegh brought about the return of the shah, Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, somewhat of a puppet for the United States.

The shah was overthrown in 1979 during the Islamic revolution, with the new leadership making hostility to the United States a cornerstone of Iran's foreign policy.

Books by insiders that document
decades of covert and/or corrupt activities by
America's secret government.







All of the books are available at amazon.com, in print and on digital formats, and at many other Internet sites. They bring together the various pieces of the puzzle to better understand the overall picture, and why the same conditions continue year after year. Information on the books by former government agent Rodney Stich

Sampling of early books reviews

Sampling of complimentary letters/faxes to author/activist Rodney Stich.

Table of Contents in the book, Defrauding America, Volume One:

Defrauding America

Volume One

Table of Contents in the book, Defrauding America, Volume One:

Chapters                                                                                 Pages


  1. Introduction to Corruption in Government Offices 1

  2. Beginning Legal and Judicial Tactics to Obstruct Justice 13

  3. Early Cover-Ups by Federal Judges 25

  4. Judicial Corruption In Chapter 11 Courts 35

  5. Continuing Tactics Obstructing Justice 63

  6. Massive Due Process Violations 87

  7. Protected Insiders Looting HUD 99

  8. Protected Insiders Looting Savings and Loans 113

  9. October Surprise: Insiders Rewarding Terrorism 145

  10.  Gunther Russbacher: Early CIA Intelligence Source 155

  11.  October Surprise Cover-Ups 191

  12. . Iran-Contra and Drug Smuggling 251

  13. . CIA’s Nugan Hand Bank and Drug Smuggling 283

  14. . BBRDW, CIA, and Secret Bank Accounts 289

  15. . Inslaw and Crimes at Justice 325

  16. . BCCI, Bank of Crooks and Criminals 355

  17. . Drug Smuggling by CIA Personnel 381

  18. . FBI Agent and Other Whistleblowers 505

  19. . Anatomy of a CIA Proprietary Airline 537

  20. . Ramifications of Trojan Horse Corruption in Government 557

I        Index 565

Table of Contents in the book, Defrauding America, Volume Two:

Defrauding America

Volume Two

  Chapters                                                            Pages

 1.      Lockerbie, Pan Am Flight 103: Worst Terrorist Attack—and Greatest Hoax 1

2.      Bill Clinton’s Arkansas Background 53

3.      Reagan-Bush Funding Iraq’s Arms Buildup 73

4.      Terrorist Downing of TWA Flight 800 105

5.      September 11: Déjà vu Consequences 149

6.      President George W. Bush: the Beginning 165

7.      President Bush: Legacy of Lies and Tragedies 183

8.      U.S. Conduct Breeding Worldwide Terrorism 265

9.      Forms of Terrorism Against United States 269

10.   Israel’s Control Over U.S. Politicians: the Consequences 291

11.   US Department of Justice: Greatest Threat to Americans ... 305

12.   FBI’s Use of Murderers as Informants 331

13.   FBI Involvement in Serial Murders—and Links to 9/11357

14.   Complicity of Media Personnel 385

15.   Fraud Extension to Housing and Financial Sectors 427

16.   Retaliating against Those Who Speak Out 441

17.   Implications and Public Action Required 461

18.   Index 469