Blowback from U.S. conduct in the Middle East: 1953 to the present: presented by former Middle East airline captain and CIA confidants.


U.S. overthrow of Iranian government: 1953: the start of destabilizing the Middle East.


U.S. secret arming of Islamic rebels in 1970s started decades of continuing wars in Afghanistan.


U.S. funding, arming, and training Islamic Mujahideen in Afghanistan: future Islamic enemies of U.S.


U.S.-enabled civil war between Afghan factions, ending with Taliban takeover.


U.S. arming Iraq's Saddam Hussein:1980.


U.S. provided chemical and other weapons to Iraq, used against Iran and the Kurds: 1983.


U.S. shooting down an Iranian airliner, killing 290 people.


Israel's murder of U.S. sailors protected by Israel's proxies in U.S. Congress.


U.S. politicians made possible Israel's brutal occupation of Palestine and al Qaeda anger.


Sampling of horrors inflicted upon Palestinians by coalition of Israel and  its proxies: U.S. politicians.


Lacking a military, al Qaeda used the only means at their disposal to show outrage over Israeli-US brutalities on the Palestinians.


Department of Justice personnel as enablers of great tragedies: decades of corruption enabled years of al Qaeda successes.

U.S. politicians compounding problems they created—insuring worse draconian consequences.

American public as starry-eyed children unwilling to show mature interest in meaningful matters—generation after generation.


Minute sampling of victims of U.S. politicians and non-elected bureaucrats.


Collapse of nations in the Middle East and parts of Africa following U.S. destruction of governments in Afghanistan and Iraq.


Bungling U.S. politicians' role in creating ISIS and other brutal groups.


Decades of domestic corrupt tragedy-enabled tragedies upon individual Americans.


The American public: puppets of America's manipulators.


Insiders' reports on 60 years of corruption in U.S. government positions and tragic effects upon the people.