This mini-documentary by insiders with decades of inside experience addresses the heavily-documented misconduct in segments of the U.S. government oligarchy that in one of somewhat similar fatal airline  crashes were homicide crimes under U.S. criminal law, and far exceeded the minimum criteria for being charged with homicide offenses in aviation deaths in most other nations.

This is a sampling. It is also an introduction to the conduct of key people in control of major segments of the U.S. government oligarchy, carefully withheld from the American people. This culture has been progressively worsening over the decades, along with a worsening consequences. Until people or groups with power or a wide audience focuses on these matters, the corruption and consequences will continue.

Textbook Example of Links Between
Corruption and Aviation Disasters

United Airlines Boeing 727 crash at the Salt Lake City airport,  another crash in which many of the passengers were cremated alive. The official report by the NTSB on the causes of the crash and deaths included:

They omitted the criminal aspects, meeting the definition of homicide offenses, thereby protecting key people in the U.S. government and a politically-powerful airline corporation.

NTSB Political Board Members
Omitting Behind-the-Scene Homicide Offenses

What the NTSB political board members deliberately withheld from that report included the following federal offenses while FAA inspector Stich was attempting to carry out his unprecedented life and death assignment. That assignment required him to correct the serious safety irregularities occurring at politically-powerful United Airlines, enabled by serious safety irregularities in the politically-dominated Federal Aviation Agencyknown  to knowledgeable insiders as "the tombstone agency." Many homicide offenses were secretly associated with that title.

The dangerous high-sink-rate unstabilized approaches, and the federal offenses preventing correction:

Poor evacuation of the passengers by the crew:

Poor performance of the Flight Engineer:

Unprecedented Safety Violations and Fraud

The overall safety problems involved in a long line of airline disasters involving United Airlines and the culture within the FAA included:

As a result, 42 people were cremated alive in that crash. None of the guilty were ever identified. Instead, most continued to receive the benefits of the misconduct that directly saved United Airlines considerable money (while the insurance companies paid for the crashes).

Stich appeared as guest on over 3,000 radio and TV programs, and over 30,000 books were sold for the various editions of Unfriendly Skies, making it probable that many of the next-of-kin knew about these problems. Not a single one ever made any effort to have these matters investigated. The only known reaction was to sue the airline for money.

More information about the corruption that existed and was documented at United Airlines is found in the book, History of Airline Disasters: 1950 to 9/11.

Homicide Nature of the Conduct Enabling the 43 Deaths

FAA Management personnel, Protecting the Money-Saving Practices of the Politically-Powerful UAL Corporation:

UAL Corporation Personnel:

  • UAL safety personnel were the instigator of the multiple unsafe practices throughout a series of fatal airline crashes due to pilot error, the results of the deliberate training program irregularities, falsification of government-required records to cover up for the major safety violations. Every one of the various deliberate areas of safety irregularities could count ass a homicide offense.

  • UAL personnel repeatedly pressures inspectors to block their efforts to prevent the continuation of crashes at that airline.

  • UAL  personnel threatened to have inspector Stich transferred, as they claim to have done to Stich's predecessor, Frank Harrell.

Questionable guilt:

  • NTSB official had been repeatedly advised by that FAA inspector about the massive safety violations at that airline corporations and within the Federal Aviation Agency, and they refused to take the action required by their duties. Worse, after the Salt Lake City crash, they continued the cover-ups, enabling more crashes and deaths to occur, some of which were felonies involving falsified records on major safety requirement that were never accomplished. Their cover-up protected another part of the U.S. government oligarchyand the politically-powerful airline corporation.

  • UAL's pilot union and senior pilots pressured FAA regional managers to suspend inspector Stich from safety duties after Stich had stated to a senior union member that his fighter-jet 180 degree turn, with a 45 degree bank, diving to the runway was not an acceptable or safe practice. The union continued to discredit the FAA inspector when he left the FAA and went to work for Flying Tigers Airline.

The following are some of the prior and continuing national events made possible by a hoard of enablers. The numerous people and groups meeting the definition of enablers have control of key segments of the government and news distribution, insuring that the public will never know.






U.S. Homicide Statutes, and U.S. Self-Serving Cover-Ups,
Compared to Homicide Charges ub Most Other Nations

Definition of conduct that meets the criteria for homicide crimes under federal criminal law:

Comparison of the above conduct to the  history of homicide charges filed by most other nations where a death occurs in an aviation events:


These matters were made known by that FAA inspector to multiple groups in the U.S. government oligarchy, all of whom covered up, including:

Sampling of credibility: Credibility comments from such people as Senator Robert Kennedy, U.S. Supreme Court Justice Byron While, nationally known aviation attorneys, and key people in the aviation industry.

There were consequences to the above corruption, crimes, and culture. One such consequence:

Unprecedented Efforts to Halt the Crashes and Deaths:
More Homicide-Type Conduct!

Sacrificing his government career, in an unprecedented effort to halt the crashes and deaths, FAA inspector Rodney Stich did something that had never before been done in the government aviation safety agency, or any government agency, and probably, not government aviation safety agency in the world. He used the law in an imaginative manner to where he forced a court-like administrative hearing upon the FAA, where he acted similar to an independent prosecutor. During these proceedings before an administrator law judge (aviation-ignorant attorney on the FAA Administrator's staff), he presented dozens of government reports by inspectors and Washington evaluation teams, and subpoenaed FAA management for questioning.

It was during  those hearings that one of the two crashes during his life-and-death assignment occurred: Salt Lake City. Details at More homicide crimes occurred during the proceedings, as the cover-ups enabled more crashes and more deaths at that politically-powerful airline. Ironically, two of United Airlines corporation aircraft were involved in the airline hijackings of September 11, 2001. Although the FAA ordered all doors to the cockpit of airlines to be locked, to prevent hijackers gaining access to the pilots, the culture of ignoring safety problems allowed the cabin flight attendants to have keys  to the cockpit. Most cabin flight attendants are female, and the keys to the cockpit doors can be easily taken from them. That failing enabled nearly 3,000 people to be killed on 9/11.

Ripple Effects Continued for Years,
Including the Easily Preventable 9/11 Hijackings

There is a strong probability that those people at United Airlines, identified in FAA records as engaging in various forms of corruption, made possible, or cultivated, the culture, arrogance, and corruption in those certain offices of the FAA that continued for years, and which were the areas of primary blame for the conditions that enabled four groups of terrorists to hijack four airliners on 9/11. This is no exaggeration, and these ripple effects can be seen when the full story of the corruption within the FAA is understood.

The loss of two United Airlines aircraft to terrorists on September 11, 2001, were ripple effects from the misconduct years earlier of certain people at United Airlines and a great number of people within the FAA. Both of these groups engaged in corrupt, and even criminal activities, as described in History of Airline Disasters: 1950 to 9/11. The actions by both groups reinforced each other, effectively blocking the few competent and dedicated federal safety agents from enforcing government safety requirements. Many other crashes followed. But particularly ironic was that two of the four airliners hijacked on 9/11 were those of United Airlines.

One effect of discovering the corruption at United Airlinesand within the FAAwas that Rodney Stich was so infuriated by the arrogance and corruption that he became an activist against high-level corruption. With the help from dozens of other former government agents and insiders, he discovered criminal activities in other areas of government that were inflicting great harm upon American people and harm upon national security. These are detailed and documented in the series of books related to this site.

Symbiotic Corruption at FAA and UAL
 Had Ripple Effects on 9/11


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