The intent of this site is to provide enough information to show there are serious and unpublicized problems with the integrity—or worse—of the Supreme Court Justices in the United States. The primary issues addressed include the corrupt actions of people in key positions of the U.S. government oligarchy, the history of enabled terrorist successes, the attacks on people seeking to halt the corruption and resulting tragediesand the four decades of aiding and abetting by most of the U.S. Supreme Court Justices. These matters are heavily supported with court documents, and show very serious problems with the governing structure in the United Statesunparallel in any other modern nation.

Corrupt Conduct In U.S. Government Oligarchy
Repeatedly Brought to Justices' Attention

Conduct unknown and unacceptable to the people of any other modern nation was repeatedly presented to the Justices of the U.S. Supreme Court from the 1970s to 9/11 and beyond. Their silence, or aiding and abetting reaction, had major consequences for the American people, national security, and even had profound effects upon people of other nations, primarily the Middle East, with people in Europe suffering some of the blowback. The following are some of the serious issues brought to the Justices' attention, seeking their responsibility to act.


Harm Directly Upon American Public
By Non-Elected Government Bureaucracy

Decades of corrupt and criminal actions inflicting great harm directly upon the American people, destroying lives and families, using them as a feeding trough by the elite in government.


Corrupt Conduct Enabling Horrific Terrorist Successes

Corrupt conduct that enabled a series of terrorist successes against the United States, including the horrific hijackings of four U.S. airliners on September 11, 2001. FBI-DOJ personnel deep-sixth the advance information of the planned airline hijackings and several earlier al Qaeda terrorist successes.


Corrupt Conduct Enabling Series of World-Record Airline Disasters
During 1960s-1980s

Series of world-record aviation disasters enabled by politics, incompetence, and corruption in the Federal Aviation Agency (the "tombstone agency") during a period starting in the 1960, enabled by problems in the FAA and at a politically-powerful airline.


Misuse of Power by Department of Justice and Federal Judges
Continued the Deadly Culture by Attacks on Whistleblowers

Decades of attacks on patriots, whistleblowers and corruption fighters, who discovered the corruption and sought to report and halt the corruption and resulting human tragedies.


Repeated Attacks on Corruption-Fighter:
Unparallel in Any Modern Nation

The corruptand subversivemisconduct by the joint actions of Department of Justice personnel and federal judges, acting to protect the corrupt practices, by attacking whistleblowers, and in particular, a determined corruption-in government-fighter, Captain Rodney Stich. That corruption-fighter had been initially given the official and unprecedented life-and-death-assignment to halt the corruption enabling a world-record series of aviation disasters enabled by problems in "the tombstone agency." airline disasters. Click here for one example.


Four Decades of Supreme Court Justices' Complicity
Enabled Progressive Nature of Corruption Consequences

The four decades of complicity of U.S. Supreme Court Justices from1968 to 2005, aiding and abetting these practices and corrupt or the subversive acts of key personnel in the U.S. government, and their role in attacking  the corruption-fighter.


Credibility of Information

Examples of the credibility supporting these statements.


Support by Supreme Court Justice Byron White
And Unprecedented Apology

The unprecedented acknowledgement of the gravity of the charges stated in a 60-page Emergency Petition submitted by the corruption-fighter to U.S. Supreme Court Justice Byron White Supreme Court Justice Byron White.


Filing of Legal Papers with Supreme Court Justices
Reporting The Serious Matters

From the 1970s to 9/11 and thereafter, legal papers were sent to the Supreme Court Justices, informing them of  serious misconduct for which they had moral and legal responsibilities to act. They were sent via  appeals from federal court actions (petition for writ of certiorari); Emergency Petitions; and letters.

These included, their supervising responsibilities over the conduct of federal district and appellate judges, the responsibilities to the corruption-fighter being attacked to silence him; their responsibilities under the federal crime reporting statute, and other moral and legal responsibilities. Sampling of those Supreme Court  submissions, letters to Justices of the U.S. Supreme Court,  and related matters.


By law, and some criminal statutes, Supreme Court Justices had a mandatory duty to act. Their refusal to do so enabled "domestic terrorism" and international terrorist successes to occur in the United States.

Major Issues Adversely Affecting National National Security
Presented to the Supreme Court Justices


Multiple major matters were brought to the attention of the Supreme Court Justices from the 1970s to 911, and beyond September 11, 2001. In approximate sequences of the discovery, happenings, and presenting to the Supreme Court Justices:

Nation-Wide Coordinated Actions
By Federal Judges

Federal judges repeatedly blocked the reports of these criminal activities being reported to a federal judge, thereby enabling the continuation of the corrupt conduct and the resulting harm, deaths, and catastrophic events. (Those filings were submitted under the authority (and responsibility) of the federal crime reporting statute, Title 18 U.S.C. § 4.

Judge-Justice Anthony Kennedy: Closest Role In Protecting
the Corruption, Enabler of Tragedies, and Key Justice
Major Cultural Changes

With one vote in a divided court often bringing about major life-altering events for the American people, it is important to recognize the integrity of those one-Justice decisions. Especially reference is made to Justice Anthony Kennedy, formerly a federal judge in the San Francisco area. Kennedy, as a federal appellate judge at San Francisco, played a key role in virtually every illegal, unconstitutional action in the years of actions by Department of Justice personnel and federal judges to protect the corrupt activities harming the people and the nation.


Illegal and Unconstitutional Orders
Blocking Exposure of the Criminal Activities

Federal judges were issuing unlawful and unconstitutional orders barring a corruption-fighter from reporting the criminal activities that he and he sources had personally discovered.

Protecting DOJ Scheme That Included
Record-Setting Violations of State and Federal Laws


Federal judges played major roles in a series of Attacks Upon Corruption-Fighter by protecting the perpetrators and denying to the victim the protections and defenses in law and the Constitution. A sham lawsuit, based upon the facts, was filed against the corruption-fighter, using a CIA-front San Francisco law firm, Friedman, Sloan and Ross, that was a sham based on the facts; and barred by dozens of state and federal statutes, controlling decisional law, and landmark Supreme Court decisions.


Every level of the California courts assisted in carrying out the sham lawsuit by continuing to issue harmful orders, even without personal and subject matter jurisdiction, and penalizing the corruption-fighter with thousands of dollars in penalties for exercising standard constitutional defenses.


Scheme Assisted by Coalition of DOJ Personnel and Federal Judges

Federal judges issued orders terminating the  right to file papers in any federal district or appellate courts. Those illegal and unconstitutional orders blocked the reporting on harmful corrupt and criminal conduct discovered by the corruption-fighter, Captain Rodney Stich, and his sources, and blocked the corruption-fighter's defenses against the record-setting attacks upon him  that required the defenses federal judges were required to provide.

Criminal Contempt of Court for Reporting
Harm-Enabling Corruption in Government Personnel
(North Korea?)

Federal judges and DOJ personnel charged the corruption-fighter, a former federal agent, and witness to corrupt and criminal acts, with criminal contempt of court, for having exercised the mandatory requirement of the federal crime reporting statute to report to a federal judge the criminal activities that he and his sources had witnessed; and for exercising the rights of a citizen to report and halt the harm enabling corruption in government positions (without suffering an onslaught of retaliatory actions that sought to block the reports).  Those attacks were additional felonies against a witness, in addition to the obstruction of justice crimes.

Kangaroo Court Required Denial of Jury Trial

Federal judges denied the corruption-fighters the constitutional right to a jury trial. No jury would have convicted the corruption-fighter for attempting to report corrupt activities that at that time had already progressed to enabling terrorist successes. He was being charged, tried, convicted, and sentenced, by part of the same group he was exposing, in a Kangaroo Court proceeding.

Prison for Attempting to Halt The Worsening Corruption
And Escalating Form of Resulting Harm

Under the most abusive conditions, the corruption fighter, then nearly 70 years old and recovering from recent open-heart surgery, was transferred from prison to prison in chains, for six months, with four weeks in solitary confinement.  

Compounding Scheme to Silence Corruption-Fighter:
Seize His Life Assets

Federal judges and Department of Justice personnel, continuing to act jointly, corruptly seized his assets without legal cause, without a hearing, and without his knowledge, violating the constitutional right to due process. The assets were then distributed among the attorneys and law firms that were part of the overall attacks, including the CIA-front San Francisco law firm of Friedman, Sloan and Ross and their attorneys. (Supreme Court decisions hold that orders rendered in violation of due process are void, all orders based on the void judgment are void; and can be attack in any federal court at any time thereafter.)

Federal judge Edward Jellen charged the corruption-fighter with criminal contempt of court for filing a legal objection to the seizures.

Simultaneous with the Crimes Against the Corruption-Fighter
FBI-DOJ Complicity with Brutal Mobsters
In Murdering American Citizens

Showing the mindset of the people in control of the U.S. Department of Justice, while attacking the corruption-fighter, DOJ personnel's contempt for the American public was reflected by the their many years complicity in murders perpetrated by brutal mobsters in the Boston and New York City offices (and reportedly elsewhere).

Compounding All of the Above:
Deep Sixing Advance Information of Planned al Qaeda Attacks

Continuing to show the corrupt nature of the people in control of the U.S. Department of Justice, and contempt for the people and the nation, DOJ personnel deep-sixth advance information on the series of planned al Qaeda's attacks, continuing to do so as each subsequent advance information proved correct.

All of the Above, and More, Aided and Abetted
By the Justices of the U.S. Supreme Court
While Terrorist Successes Continued

Sampling of legal filings and communications with Supreme Court Justices, starting in the 1970s, and escalating in the 1980s until 9/11, and thereafter:

Deadly Irresponsible for Any of the Recipients to Remain Silent,
Based Upon  the Gravity of the Charges, and Possible Catastrophic Consequences,
And Corruption-Fighter's Credibility

No one, except someone recognizing the truth and with a self-interest in cover-up, would remain unresponsive to such serious charges, by a person with an unusual background, credibility, sources, and evidence. Further, to attack such a person, seeking to keep the corruption going, would be criminal acts with consequences far worse than the consequences of any crime ever perpetrator by any prisoner ever held in the United States. The scandal is awesome! In no other modern nation could such a massive and deadly scandal exist for some many years, and probably, not even in North Korea!


Sampling of Corruption-Fighter's filings in the 1990s—While
DOJ-Related Terrorist Successes Were Occurring

2001 Filings--Following a series of al Qaeda successes
 made possible by DOJ corruption and murders

Suing the Justices of the Supreme Court
To Force Attention To the Serious Matters

After years of cover-ups and complicity by the Justices of the U.S. Supreme Court, Captain Rodney Stich filed an unprecedented federal lawsuit, naming as defendants the Supreme Court Justices. The basis was their repeated complicity in the criminal acts that he had documented, and a belief that the media publicity would focus attention on the charges. The Justices did not deny any of the allegations in the filing, primarily arguing that they were immune.

U.S. media personnel and corporations withheld any information about the unprecedented action, thereby eliminating the possibility that the charges in that lawsuit would stimulate an external investigation. That secrecy may have been prompted by the CIA's secret funding of selected media, under Operation Mockingbird, and the other secret funding by other government entities.

Emergency Petition and Unprecedented Apology
By Supreme Court Justice Byron White

While the lawsuit against the Supreme Court Justices was still pending in the federal courts, the urgency from the start of corruption that was enabling or associated with terrorist successes, going through the courts, the gravity of the start of terrorist successes, enabled by the continuing corruption, motivated Stich to send an Emergency Petition to highly respected Supreme Court Justice Byron White. He was the only Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court to show to deviate from the total gridlock protecting the serious problems in the controlling government oligarchy.


Upon receiving the Emergency Petition, Justice White sent a personal letter. rather than the standard court clerk reply, that contained an unprecedented apology for being unable—as a single justice—to help.

Significance of the Response and Apology
By Supreme Court Justice Byron White

That short and unprecedented in the history of the U.S. Supreme Court has major ramifications.

Series of al Qaeda Terrorist Success
While Attacking the Corruption-Fighter
Exposing the Enabling Corruption

The Supreme Court Justices continued to aid and abet the criminal activities brought to their attention during the 1990s as the corruption being reported continued to enable a series of al Qaeda successes.

Among the terrorist successes associated with those corrupt actions were  the following:

Pan Am Flight 103 over Lockerbie



Downing of TWA Flight 800.


Bombings of U.S. Embassies in Kenya and Tanzania.

Last lawsuit prior to 9/11, seeking to report the corrupt conduct resulting in series of al Qaeda successes and other harm, filed in federal courts at Reno, NV.

Letter list to Justices of the U.S. Supreme Court.

The Forewarned Happened: 9/11:
World Record Aviation Horrors—
With Record Numbers of U.S. Enablers


The hijackings of four U.S. airliners on September 11, 2001, had many enablers in the Unite States, including federal judges and Supreme Court Justices. If they had carried out their duties instead of aiding and abetting the corrupt conduct that enabled the easily preventable and forewarned hijackings to occur, there would not have been nearly 3,000 deaths. Or the even worse that happened when the culture of corruption continued, this time among White House politicians.

Further Compounding the Already
Unprecedented Modern Nation Scandal

Similar enablers between the 2001 world record aviation disaster event into New York City and a prior world-record aviation disaster into New York City, 40 years earlier. The corruption-fighter was personally involved in both events. In the first, that 1960 disaster and several others involving the United Airlines corporation, caused FAA regional safety personnel to give him, then a highly qualified FAA airline safety inspector, the unprecedented life-and-death official assignment to halt the corrupt safety practices reported  at that airline (enabled by the political elements in the "tombstone agency."

Again, Attempting to Report and Halt
The Corruption and Subsequent Awesome Consequences

September 11, 2001. The horrific deaths of nearly 3,000 people had many enablers, too many for the American people to ever know if the present government culture and oligarchy were to survive.

The corruption-fighter, again, exercised the mandatory reporting requirements of the federal crime reporting statute, Title 18 U.S.C. § 4. But by then, federal judges and Supreme Court Justices were so heavily implicated, and key enablers in the many deaths, that any exposure would have unknown explosive implications on the government oligarchy. The media cover-ups of the last five decades continued to protect them.

Federal District and All Appellate Judges in District of Columbia
Continued the Deadly Cover-Ups

The corruption-fighter sent a post-9/11 lawsuit to the federal courts in the District of Columbia, reporting a sampling of the conduct that enabled the easily preventable and forewarned al Qaeda successes. That filing was blocked, using as a pretense a 1990 order by federal district Judge Stanley Sporkin that permanently barred the corruption-fighter from filing anything in the federal court. Ironically, one of the corruption-fighter's sources, who had formerly headed a major covert CIA operation in Hawaii, Bishop, Baldwin, Dillingham, and Wong (BBRDW), turned over several boxes of CIA files from that operation (as did the San Francisco law firm of Melvin Belli). In one of the boxes was an envelope with the names and code names of key people in government that had secret CIA bank accounts funded by the that Honolulu operation. Sporkin had one, and his code name was appropriate.

Federal law requires that the court clerk file any complaint that meets the basis formatting guidelines and is accompanied by a filing fee. If the judge believes the action does not raise a federal issue and wants to dismiss it, he must, bylaw, and constitutional due process, schedule a hearing to give the filer an opportunity to object. The judge cannot legally dismiss an action without that notice, a hearing, and if a federal cause of action is state.

The Same Obstruction of Justice Occurred in the New York Courts,
As occurred Since the 1970s, With the Complicity
Of the U.S. Supreme Court Justices

After the District of Columbia filing was blocked, the corruption-fighter then submitted a post-9/11 lawsuit to the federal courts in New York City. It was also blocked from filing for over a year.

The corruption-fighter sent letters to Chief Justice Rehnquist and the other Justices on December 16, 2002. The Justices were again informed of some of the issues they had been aiding and abetting, and the latest obstruction of justice by federal judges over whom they had  supervising responsibilities,

District Judge Michael Mukasey then filed the papers submitted by the corruption-fighter a year earlier. Following the pattern of judicial anarchy of the past 30 years, the same day that the blocked filing was filed, Judge Mukasey illegally dismissed the filing. These illegal, and criminal on the basis of the obstruction-of-justice effects, were surely known to the Supreme Court Justices.


The dismissal was appealed to the Court of appeals in New York City, p0apers filed, and STich appeared before the appellate judges to give oral arguments. Despite the gravity of the issues, the illegal dismissal of the filing by Judge Michael Mukasey, and the consequences of the cover-ups, they dismissed the appeal.

Stich then filed an appeal the the appellate court en banc, which made every appellate judge aware of the serious matters. They also protected the vast government oligarchy that was then involved.

Stich then filed an appeal (petition for write of certiorari with the U.S. Supreme Court. Nothing was heard back, and Stich finally gave up.

Judge Michael Mukasey was then promoted to U.S. Attorney General, enabling him to prevent any other government entity from questioning those matters.


Sampling of other submissions to Supreme Court Justices, showing they all knew what was occurring.

Never had any of the judges addressed the serious charges made in the submissions by the corruption-fighter. If the charges could not be substantiated, a legally and constitutionally required hearing would have settled the matter and ended the need for the repeated filings, each of which raised new issues.


Supreme Court Justices
Ruled that Exposing High-Level Crimes in Government
Is a Criminal Offense

"Conveniently," after engaging in corrupt conduct that in one of the later consequences enabled the horrific deaths of almost 3k000 people, the Supreme Court Justices issued a decision making the reporting of high-level crimes in government a criminal offense: Supreme Court whistleblower decision

Another ruling of the Supreme Court Justices, sometime passing with one supporting vote in a 5-to-4 decision, greatly increasing the bribing of politicians, was Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission,  (2010). The unlimited financial bribing of politicians by powerful corporations made the individual voter almost meaningless.

Role of Other Enablers Not Addressed Here

Not addressed in this documentary are the roles played by other enablers. For instance:

First Post-9/11 Consequences of Supreme Court Justices'
Cover-Up: 9/11 Enablers Enabled to Escalate
 The Anger and Blowback Consequences

Among the first of many consequences of the latest Supreme Court Justices' cover-ups:


9/11 Enablers Remained in Position

  • The enablers of 9/11 were protected, remained in position, and able to inflict more harm.

DOJ-Enablers In Control of 9/11 Commission

  • Department of Justice personnel involved in the deadly deep-sixing were now placed in key positions in the 9/11 Commission. The falsified 9/11 Commission report omitted the deep sixing of advance information of the planned hijackings (and earlier al Qaeda attacks) by high officials in the U.S. The commission also protected the secondary enablers of the easily preventable hijackings: the politics, incompetence, and corruption in the "tombstone agency." Department of Justice (some of whom were in controlling positions in the 9/11 Commission). Letter list 9/11 Commission.

Standard U.S. Cover-Ups Enabled Horrendous
Harm upon Afghans and Iraqis

  • That tactic protected the actual enablers of the al Qaeda attacks, enabling those enagblers to blame Afghanistan and Iraq, neither of which had any knowledge of the al Qaeda plans. The many people involved possibly met the criteria of a RICO criminal organization.

  • The judicial, bureaucracy insurrection, and political oligarchy remains in place.

Second Consequences of Cover-Ups:
Murderous U.S. Attacks on
Afghanistan and Iraq

The very same people, starting with the politicians in the White House who had been informed of these matters for years, were then able to continue as before. The White House politicians had ordered arrogant and deadly attacks that destabilized the Middle East for the prior 50 years continued—with even worse consequences.

Refusal to Accept Taliban Government Offer
To Turn al Qaeda Group Over for Trial

The Taliban government of Afghanistan offered to turn the small al Qaeda group over to a third nation for trial (as was done with the alleged Pan Am Flight 103 bombers). But President George Bush (Jr) refused the offer. Instead, using lies to obtain the support of uninformed Americans, he carpet-bombed Afghanistan. Then he ordered the invasion of Iraq, a nation totally blameless for the al Qaeda attacks, and a nation where terrorists such as al Qaeda could not survive. (Destroying Iraq please Israeli Zionists and their proxies in the U.S. Congress).

Sampling of pictures showing the consequences of U.S.' shock-and-awe tactics that justifiable answered millions in the Middle East and elsewhere—and gave birth to a greoup for which there is no meaningful defense when it's attacks are against U.S. targets.

Third Consequences: Continuation Of Prior Culture—
Generating Explosive Growth of Additional Terrorists

The deadly carpet bombing of Afghanistan shortly after the 9/11 attacks added to the U.S. Middle East destabilization that started in 1953. It also generated outrage by people throughout the Middle East. That was similar to the growth of the small al Qaeda group who blamed their attacks on U.S. targets upon the brutalities inflicted upon the Palestinians by Israel, and made possible by U.S. politicians acting as proxies for Israel's Zionist politicians and pressure by Israel's AIPAC lobby.

U.S. Politicians' Method of Winning Hearts and Minds!

The horrific attacks on the Iraqi people, that left tens of thousands of innocent people dead, resulted in possibly the greatest number of people in a major section of the world wanting to kill Americans, and willing to die in the process. That led to the formation of brutal terrorist groups, ISIS, ISIL, and others.

Insane Destabilization of Other Nations

U.S. politicians then compounded their corrupt conduct by helping to destabilize other nations in the area  beyond Afghanistan and Iraq; Libya and Syria, adding to failed nations and civil wars. One nation that may have felt benefited by the actions of U.S. politicians was Israel  and its Israeli Zionist politicians. The destruction of Iraq eliminated the primary nation that was a threat from the takeover of Palestinian land.

Sources and Accuracy of Information, And
 Credibility of Corruption-Fighter
And His Key Sources

Captain Rodney Stich,  the corruption-fighter, has  decades of outstanding background and credibility. He and his several dozen key sources personally discovered most of the information provided here. They include  including former professionals in the CIA, DEA, FBI, Customs, FAA, military, former drug smugglers—working for CIA personnel; former Mafia insiders, including a mole in al Qaeda's primary terrorist cell, obtaining advance information on several of the most catastrophic terrorist successes in the nation's history.

What would the nation be like today, IF the Supreme Court Justices had not covered up for the corrupt conduct in the government oligarchy, of which they were a part, that was brought to their attention. An example of the very first issue brought to their attention: the corrupt (and homicide crimes) in the FAA that was brought to their attention in the 1970s by the corruption-fighter:

  • The corrupt practices, which also enabled the political and incompetence issues, would have been shown responsible for many deaths, and force changes that would have reduced future aviation-associated events enabled by internal FAA problems.

  • It would have focused attention on corrupt conduct throughout the government oligarchy, tending to reduce corrupt practices if normal checks-and-balances existed (which don't exist in a corrupt government oligarchy).

  • It would  have prevented, or reduced, the many areas of abuses upon individual Americans enabled by corrupt conduct in the elected and non-elected segments of the U.S. government oligarchy.

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