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Major issues adversely affecting national security presented to the Supreme Court Justicesówith repeated cover-ups.


 Additional notices to Supreme Court Justices by the corruption-fighteró while terrorist successes continued.


Suing the Supreme Court Justices to force attention on the serious matters.


Emergency Petition and unprecedented apology by Supreme Court Justice Byron White.


Series of al Qaeda successes while corruption fighter being attacked to silence him.


The forewarned happened: 9/11. World record aviation horrorsówith record numbers of U.S. enablers.


Again, attempting to report and halt the corruption and catastrophic consequences.


First consequences of Supreme Court Justices' cover-us: 9/11 enablers enabled to escalate the anger and blowback consequences.


Second consequences of cover-ups: murderous U.S. attacks on Afghanistan and Iraq.


Third consequences: continuation of prior cultureóbreeding explosive growth of additional terrorists.


Sources and accuracy of information, and credibility of corruption-fighter.


Not-for-profit documentaries on 50 years of corruption in government positions, and the resulting tragedies, provided by unique insiders.


"Protectors" of U.S. government integrity: past and future!!


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