Emergency petition to Justice Byron White due  to urgent national matters.


Petition for reconsideration submitted to Justice White.


Unprecedented Supreme Court Justice apologyas a single Justicefor not being able to help.


Beforeand afterharm associated with the corrupt conduct stated in that emergency petition.


Credibility of the corruption-fighting activist added to the credibility of charges in the petition.


Great American tragedies enabled by corruption, cover-ups by Supreme Court Justices, and DOJ-judicial attacks on whistleblowers.


Refusing to be a feeding  trough.


Continuing self-serving  cover-ups by Supreme Court justices.


"Incurable" Stage IV cancer-like stage.


Today's government leaders and adult American public bequeath the corruption and exploding  hatred for Americans, to their children.


Books revealing 40 years of misconduct and a mosaic of misconduct throughout the U.S. government—with worldwide consequences.


Similarities between German people under Adolf Hitler and American people under U.S. government leaders.