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The information personally discovered by the unprecedented coalition of several dozen sources reveals enabled human tragedies starting in the 1950s, continuing to September 11, 2001, and now going far beyond. The inflicted or enabled misconduct:

  • Affecting world affairs, that indirectly harmed U.S. security, occurred as U.S. politicians orchestrated a deadly revolution; brought into power a brutal dictator; and then a Muslim system. They started destabilizing the Middle East, bringing about the calamities and threats that now exist in that area of the world and threatens U.S. security as never before.

  • Directly affecting internal events in the United States, the world's worst aviation tragedy, occurring in New York City, on December 16, 1960. The enabling corrupt conduct responsible for the horrors in  that catastrophic event, with the help of cover-ups and criminal misuse of government offices by the most powerful people in the federal government to silence protesting whistleblowers, the enabling corrupt conduct enabled another world-record aviation disaster, also in New York City, on September 11, 2001. One  of the contributors to this site was involved in both of those New York City calamities during an odyssey spanning six decades.

The heavily documents facts presented here, personally discovered or participated in by major sources contributing to these efforts, reveal decades of continuing misconduct that has, and continues to inflict great harm upon the the lives of the American people, and people of other nations. Harm that is not by accident, but either inflicted, or enabled, by the misconduct of key people in the highest levels of the U.S. government, and for individual Americans, by government personnel at the state and local government levels. Conduct that is unknown in most other modern nations, and not tolerated by the people of any other nation.


Sampling of Issues Presented


Four Decades Corruption-Enabled Airline Crashes.

  • Series of corruption-enabled world-record airline disasters at the start of this documentary, one of which was a world-record airline disaster into the heart of New York City on December 16, 1960,  and another aviation calamity in New York City on September 11,  2001. The enabling corrupt conduct behind both of those are revealed by one of the sources involved with both of them.  (Chapter on the 1960 disaster from the book, History of Aviation Disasters: 1950 to 9/11, by captain Rodney Stich.)


Corruption-Enabled Terrorism Generators and Terrorist Successes.

  • Series of catastrophic terrorist successes, the hatred generated by, and enabled by, corrupt conduct of specific people and groups in the U.S. government oligarchy.


Harm Upon the American People.


Harm Upon People of Other Nations, and Expected Terrorism Blowback


Examples of Corrupt, Mobster-Like Misconduct of People in Control of Highest,
Most Powerful, and Most Dangerous, of Government Oligarchy Entities.

  • Department of Justice corrupt culture, no more effective examples of this culture than:

    • Decades of  FBI-DOJ murders with brutal mobsters, in the Boston offices and the New York City offices, and approved by Washington officials, including FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover.

    • Deep-sixing of advance notice of planned terrorist attacks, provided by a mole in a key al Qaeda cell and his New York City attorney. Those deep-sixing actions enabled:

      • The success of those terrorist acts, with approximately 4,000 horrendous deaths.

      • Enabled the United States to experience the worst and most horrific terrorist events in the nation's history.

      • Enabled the corrupt culture to fabricate excuses to start a brutal was upon innocent Afghans and innocent Iraqis.

      • Generated, as expected, the world-record in people wanting to kill Americans and so angry that they were and are willing die in the process. There is not satisfactory defense for all the lone people willing to inflict harm upon Americans.

      • Protected the enablers in government, that go far beyond the roles of Department of Justice personnel, as proven in related mini-documentaries.


Coalition of DOJ and Federal Judges—and their shills, Attacking Those Who Expose Their  Misuse of Powerful Federal Offices: Malfeasance of the worse kind.


Hoard of federal judges.


Oligarchy's Mobster-Like Attacks on Senior Citizen -Corruption-Fighter

Starting in 1982, the most powerful segments of the U.S. government oligarchy were used in criminal-like misuse of government offices by Department of Justice personnel; a hoard of federal district and appellate judges; and protected by Justices of the U.S. Supreme Court.


Sampling of Role by Supreme Court Justices, as they provided Protection to all of the above criminalmalfeasance associated with decades of resulting tragedies:

  • Supreme Court secrets.

  • Supreme Court filings                                

  • Supreme Court petition, 2005, add the Justices covering up for the massive malfeasance in the most important segments of the government oligarchy, that enabled the nation's most horrific terrorist successes to occurand insured a legacy of much worse to follow. They never responded, and the corruption-fighter was too exhausted to continue the hopeless task through the system itself.

Remember that judges are lawyers with black robes, and that the Supreme Court Justices were also lawyers now wearing black robes. The culture of deception is inbred in most of them.


High-Level Corruption and Awesome Consequences
Seemingly Improbable

Some of the misconduct of people in  the highest levels of government seem too bizarre to be occurring with all of America's alleged checks-and-balances. But the documentation, especially the large amount of judicial records, speak for themselves. The gravity of the misconduct, the grave consequences, the evidence, and credibility support, far exceeds minimum requirements. Ignore  these serious matters, and you join the long list of enablers.



Government Malfeasance and Awesome Consequences Unknown in any

Modern Nation, or Possibly in Any Nation.

Key  people in control of the three branches of the U.S. government are implicated, along with decades of awesome consequences; some as primary enablers of great harm, some by cover-ups or indifference, and some by misuse of government power to silence whistleblowers trying to save the lives that are lost due to the misconduct.


First of Dozens of Major Issues

The first issue following this introduction provides information about years of documented misconduct that enabled the easily prevented and forewarned first series of terrorist attacks upon U.S. targets, including those occurring on September 11, 2001. Without the role of the above-mentioned people and groups, those horrific moments would probably not have happened, nor the continuing worsening tragedies following 9/11.

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