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Introduction To World-Record Corruption
And Resulting Tragedies,  Accepted By
People of No Other Modern Nation

This mini-documentary addresses the arrogance and contempt for lives by top personnel in the U.S. government, starting with airline crashes in earlier days of modern aviation, and jumps ahead to the misconduct that enabled the horrific hijackings of four U.S. airliners on September 11, 2001.

Attempting to ease the understanding of this serious matter, the sequence is as follows:

This mini-documentary is presented by the person who was once given an unprecedented life and death assignment to halt the major aviation safety irregularities responsible for some of those world-record airline disastersand the same person shown in numerous government and other records attempting to expose and halt the corrupt conduct that enabled a series of al Qaeda attacks, including those of 9/11.

Sampling of Credibility

Evidence of credibility is provided at this stage that reflects decades of credibility and massive amounts of supporting data.

Unprecedented in the history of the U.S. Supreme Court: support and apology by highly respected U.S. Supreme Court Justice Byron White:

  • Unprecedented apology from U.S. Supreme Court Justice Byron White in response to a 60-page Emergency Petition sent to him by Captain Rodney Stich, listing the corrupt conduct in government, the resulting tragedies, and the criminal misuse of the Department of Justice and federal courts to silence him.

Sampling of Aviation-Related Homicide Charges
Filed In Most Other Nations

The following links provide an example of homicide charges relating to deaths in airline crashes in  most other nations:

Sampling of conduct considered homicide offenses in U.S. criminal laws:

Mini-documentary on multiple homicide offenses that enabled 43 passengers to be cremated alive in a survivable airliner crash at Salt Lake City, and the cover-ups that protected key people and groups in the U.S. government oligarchy.


Most Direct and Most Criminal of Conduct Enabling
The 9/11 Airline Hijackings
Homicide Offenses?

The most direct and most criminal acts that enabled the easily preventable and horrible hijackings of four U.S. airliners were key officials in the U.S. Department of Justice. They received periodic reports from a mole in the al Qaeda cell and his New York City attorney about the series of planned al Qaeda attacks.

Additional information relating to the deep-sixing, by high-level Department of Justice personnel, of the planned al Qaeda attacks:

If the department of Justice officials had acted in a lawful and non-criminal manner, action could have been taken to prevent the success of the al Qaeda attacks. Almost 3,000 people would not have suffered the most horrifying event in the nation's history. Under the criteria for homicide crimes in most other nations in aviation deaths, homicide charges would be grossly insufficient.

Airline Hijackings Enabled by Deeply-Embedded Culture in "the Tombstone Agency":

Years earlier, due to repeated airliner hijackings, the FAA management was forced to order that all airliners have locked doors to the cockpit. Unable to enter the cockpit, the aircraft could not be hijacked. All four of the airline hijackings  on 9/11 were enabled by the hijackers easily entering the aircraft cockpits. How? As would be obvious to any street thug once on an airliner, entering the cockpit was simple; take the keys to the cockpit doors from the mostly female cabin flight attendants.

Why could such a flashing red signal not alert FAA management? Answers in the following mini-documents:

The culture of politics, incompetence, and corruption in the operations segment of the FAA, heavily controlled by politically-sensitive management, enabled the world's worst aviation disaster in new York City on December 16, 1960, and the next world's worst aviation disaster in New York City, on September 11, 2001. The latest calamity had many more enablers, involving the most powerful and "respected" segments of the U.S. government oligarchy.

Criminal Misuse of Multiple Government Offices
To Attack the Corruption-Fighter
Addressing These Identical Enabling Offenses

As these efforts were threatening to expose the extent of the corruption that then included Department of Justice personnel, federal district and appellate judges, and the Justices of the U.S. Supreme Court, theses same high-level personnel, became involved in attacks upon the inspector that started in 1982 and continued for over a decade.

The power of their offices enabled them to use proxies to assist their documented corruption: A hoard of lawyers and law firms, and judges in the three highest levels of the California judicial system. The attacks required those powerful offices in the U.S. government to be criminally reverse their legal duties. Instead of protecting people's civil rights and preventing criminal acts, those matters were openly reversed, repeatedly, throughout the years.

For those people unaware of realities, it may help to lean about such corrupt conduct in the highest levels of the U.S. government as the following:

Bizarre, Sham, and Legally-Barred Lawsuit to Silence the Corruption Fighter:

The tactics started in 1982 with a sham and legally-barred lawsuit filed in the California courts at Fairfield, California. The CIA-front San Francisco law firm of Friedman, Sloan and Ross was used as a proxy to fie that action. When it did not go as smoothly as planned, that  action required additional corrupt actions by the most powerful groups in the U.S. government. Conduct that was unprecedented in any modern nation.

Grossly Unconstitutional Judicial Order with Obstruction of Justice Objectives

One of the endless number of illegal acts was an order by a federal judge at Sacramento permanently terminating his right to file any papers in any federal district or appellate court. The obvious objective of that illegal and unconstitutional order was to:

Discovering Even Worse and More Catastrophic Consequences:

At a later date, the corruption-fighter and his coalition of sources discovered additional corrupt conduct that was enabling other awesome events, including the corrupt conduct that was enabling the start of terrorist successes. In another form of life-and-death  efforts far worse than h8iss original FAA life-and-death assignment, the corruption-fighter filed papers in the federal courts at Sacramento to report these matters. (At a later date, he realized he was seeking  to report and halt these serious matters to the same Department of Justice personnel and federal judges that were either directly involved in the corrupt acts, or complicit in their cover-up.)

Criminal Contempt of Court Charge for Seeking to Protect Lives!

The gravity of the ongoing consequences with worse to occur, he again filed papers in the federal courts at Sacramento under the federal crime reporting statute, and the right of any citizen to help defend the nation, by reporting and forcing attention to these matters. Incredibly, after the corruption fighter filed legal papers in the federal courts at Sacramento, California, U.S. attorney David Levi charged the corruption-fighter with criminal contempt of court. This was done with the knowledge of media sources, who continued to cover up for these matters that had started while the corruption-fighter was an FAA inspector reporting these matters to them.

Recognizing that it would be improbable for any jury to be a party to these tactics, federal judges denied him the constitutional right to a jury trial and subjected him to a Kangaroo court trial: charged, tried, judged, and sentence by the same government group being exposed by that court filing.

Prison-to-Prison—in Chains:

Federal judge Raul Ramirez sentenced the near-70 senior citizen and corruption-fighter to six months in prison, while he was recovering from open-heart surgery. The sentence was carried out in the harshest form possible: repeated transfers from prison to prison, in chains, with four weeks of solitary confinement.

Appeals to every federal appeal judge in the Ninth Circuit, located in San Francisco, approved the charge and the sentence, which included appeal judge Anthony Kennedy before he left for his position as a Justice in the U.S. Supreme Court. The Justices of the U.S, Supreme Court were also informed of these matters, and approved of them. (Except for Supreme Court Justice Byron White. www.wikileaksusa.org/m_supreme_court_justice_white.html.)

Criminally Seizing Life Assets That Funded Life-and-Death Crusade:

 While languishing in prison, Department of Justice personnel and federal judges, assisted bylawyers complicit in these deadly activities, illegally, unconstitutionally, and without due process, seized and liquidated his assets, converting him from a multi-millionaire to a state of poverty, without income, except for modest Social Security. After release from prison, he became homeless, along with his pal, Midas, his loyal German Shepherd.

IRS Demanded Money After His Assets Criminally Seized:

After seizing his life assets, including his home, and in his 70s, with no income, the IRS demanded that he pays $10,000.

For years, the former Naval Aviator lived in fear of the next retaliatory attack upon him by the very same people in control of the government groups responsible for preventing what was being done to him by the thug-like people in control of the most respected institutions in the U.S. government oligarchy.

The people involved in these group attacks included:

Attacks Played Enabling Roles in World-Record Series of Homicide Offenses

The corrupt conduct that the corruption fighter and his coalition of sources  sought to report and halt, then continued, along with the expected continuation of al Qaeda successes. Under criminal laws in the United States and most foreign nations, those attacks on the corruption-fighter became homicide crimes as peopled died in tragedies enabled by the attacks on the corruption-fighter.

There is no known record  in U.S. history, or world history, for such attacks on corruption-fighters and world-record series of calamitous consequences.

Other Criminal Conduct Enabling the Easily Preventable
Calamities of September 11, 2001

The same aviation professionals given the life and death assignment to halt the massive safety irregularities responsible for the world-record series of airline disasters in the 1960s continued his efforts to force a halt to the corrupt activities that he discovered and documented, and later joined by a  coalition of other very unique professionals, some from covert and law-enforcement operations. These efforts included filing federal lawsuits under the federal crime reporting statute, Title 18 U.S.C. § 4. That criminal statute requires anyone knowing of a federal crime to report it to a federal judge or other federal official. That government person had a mandatory duty to receive the information,, or be guilty of obstruction of justice—and meet the criteria of a felony crime if a death is enabled by the cover-up.

These efforts addressed the corrupt conduct in the Federal Aviation Administration; the corrupt and subversi8ve conduct in the U.S. Department of Justice; the criminal actions to silence whistleblowers reporting criminal activities and the resulting harm, and related matters. An example of the federal  filings made by the former federal airline safety inspector, who became a widely-known corruption-in-government fighter, Rodney Stich, follows:

Unprecedented lawsuit Named Justices of the U.S. Supreme Court:

Legal action naming as defendants the Justices of the U.S. Supreme Court, filed on the basis of their complicity in the cover-ups and attacks on the corruption-fighter, and filed in an attempt to focus attention on the serious corrupt conduct in the to layers in the U.S. government oligarchy. After a year of legal filings, the unprecedented lawsuit against the Justices of the U.S. Supreme Court was dismissed, with the DOJ basically arguing that the Justices are totally immune for their conduct.

Emergency Petition to Supreme Court Justice White and Unprecedented Apology:

As conditions worsened, the corruption-fighter send an Emergency Petition to Supreme Court Justice Byron White. Justice White's response was another unprecedented event relating to the Supreme Court Justices. In a short letter sent by Justice White to Rodney Stich, he implied support for the serious charges made in the Emergency Petition, and then apologized, for being unable—as a single justice—to help. That implied that the other Justices held back, enabling the corrupt practices that already have had deadly consequences, to continue into calamities never before seen.

As information was received of the corrupt conduct enabling the series of al Qaeda successes, another filing:

Start of  Terrorist Successes Prompted More Efforts:

Circumventing the judicial blocks by federal district and appellate judges, the corruption-fighter then filed a similar lawsuit in the federal courts at Reno. The hijackings occurred while the judge was blocking every effort made to prepare a record.

3,000 Horrendous Deaths—with enablers in key positions in U.S. government oligarchy.  

The easily preventable and forewarned hijackings of four U.S. airliners then occurred. The Department of Justice and federal judiciary continued their cover-ups that started in the 1970s.

Catastrophic Calamities Combined with Massive Turmoil Throughout U.S. Government

Cover-ups would continue the same corrupt culture that has generates decades of tragedies of many forms, and result in even worse consequences for the public and the nation. If the truth came out, there would be massive removal of personnel from the most powerful offices in the U.S. government oligarchy, including the U.S. Department of Justice, a hoard of federal district and appellate judges, and others. The culture in government would drastically change.

Woman jumping to her death, one of a reported 200 or more.

The decision to cover-up and save themselves was easy to make. But there came a problem. The corruption-fighter, then 80 years of age, exercised his right and his requirement to report the corruption in federal court filings that led to the horrors

Sampling of Related mini-Documentaries:

The decades of harm upon the non-responsive American public, and using them as a feeding trough, made the decision very easy to save themselves by covering up. There were so many enablers, there was little chance of blowback.

Continuing Post-9/11 Corruption, Cover-Ups, and Tragedies
And Even Worse Consequences

As the media and every check-and-balance protects the power brokers in control of the U.S. government oligarchy remained silence, the 40-year pattern continued, along with the world-record calamities enabled by the people and groups in this mini-documentary. Most of the American public remained blissfully happy with the trivia placed before them, unaware of being the feed trough for the elite in government and their financial supporters.

More Americans used as cannon fodder, feigning that they were dying to protect America, when the exact opposite was obviously true. And much worse, possible only under the type of leadership existing in the U.S. government oligarchy. And a nation where most of the masses are blissful obsessed with trivia.

Sampling of Others Notified:
More Enablers

The following are a  sampling of people  notified of major criminal activities in powerful offices of the U.S. government, most of whom chose to cover-up, a cowardly and criminal obstruction-of-justice and tragedy-enabling reaction.

As the consequences worsened, the reaction to notifications have been silence. In that way, they could at some later date claim they never received the notices.

Last, But Not Least,
The American Public

Without the indifference of the American public, these decades of corrupt acts and consequences could never have happened.

Partial excuse is for those dumbed down by the American media, many paid secretly by government entities, as in the CIA funding  under Operation Mockingbird; and those whose mental capacity is incapable of understanding these matters.

While the majority of the American public acts like this:

Or this:

The corruption-fighter, at this time in his 90s, converted from a multi-millionaire to a state of poverty, continued to this what they won't do!

Harm inflicted upon him as the American public remained indifferent:

Sample of Whistleblowers, ombudsmen, who also suffered for their patriotism:

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