Years of enabled airline crashes—some far exceeding criteria for homicide crimes.


U.S. Department of Justice personnel: most corrupt and dangerous in U.S. government oligarchy.


Financial frauds endlessly on the American public.


U.S. politicians and their legislation, acting as proxies for powerful financial contributors.


Threats, and bribery, keeps the oligarchy and the feeding trough going.


Federal judges—and their secret roles in protecting the U.S. government oligarchy.


Supreme Court Justices: not as honorable as they seem.


Government oligarchies at state and local levels: preying on the weak.


Seeing domestic terrorism and remaining blind or indifferent.


The few patriots seeking to halt the corruption and resulting tragedies attacked by key people in the oligarchy.




American public as a feeding trough for elite in U.S. government oligarchy—and their financial friends in corporations.


Naive—or indifferent—American public.


Coalition of unique government and other insiders provide five decades of insider secrets.