Brief introduction of how 4,000 people initially died to cover up for FBI-DOJ murder involvement.
Advance information on the nation's worse series of terrorist attacks.
High-level Department of Justice personnel deep-sixth the critical information with life-or-death consequences.
Reason for deep-sixing the critical information: hide information on decades of FBI-DOJ complicity in murders.
Self-preservation need to continue the deep-sixing after the first terrorist attack.
The immediate consequences of the deep-sixing scheme.
The DOJ enablers next cover-up.
Credibility of suppliers of this explosive information on the true nature of America's controlling hierarchy.
The subsequent, ongoing, consequences of the FBI-DOJ deep-sixing crimes.
Books by professionals, insiders, providing details of 50 years of  U.S. corruption and resulting tragedies
Sampling of other FBI-DOJ culture: Pan American Flight 103 bombing over Lockerbie: another self-inflicted tragedy.
Similarities between German people under Adolf Hitler—and American people under another oppressive government oligarchy.
Sampling of other related postings.
Why corruption-0enabled harm continues decade after decade in the U.S.