Introduction to bombing of Pan Am Flight 103 over Lockerbie.


Key Lockerbie issues in a nutshell: censured in U.S.!!


Department of defense document identifying the actual perpetrators


Critical evidence withheld from American public.


Petition to open an international investigation for the truth.


Sampling of evidence contradicting U.S. charges.


United Nations reports showing massive errors in the Lockerbie investigation and prosecution.


Planted bogus "evidence" by FBI-DOJ personnel for charging Libya and two Libyans with 270 murders.


Continuing deadly blowback from the corruption culture of key FBI-DOJ personnel.


Requirement to prevent exposing massive corruption in key U.S. government positions


Continuing enablers of massive corruption by U.S. government leaders.


Books by professionals on corruption and consequences among America's leaders. purchase links.


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9/11 index of insider information.


9/11 enablers among key people in U.S. government.


Comparison of enabling blame for 9/11 hijackers' successes: Iraq, Afghanistan, or corrupt conduct of people in the United States.


The Lockerbie bombing prosecution, hoax, and harbinger of great catastrophic events.


FBI agents involved in murders of American citizens with organized crime and Mafia figures.


Sacrifice of 4,000 lives to protect FBI supervisors involved in series of murders with Mafia capo known as "the killing machine."


Al Qaeda mole who provided advance information on major terrorist successes against U.S. targets.


Sampling of lawsuits filed under the crime reporting statute seeking to report the ongoing tragedy-related corruption.