Explanation of Purpose for this Unusual Site

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www.wikileaksusa.org goes beyond listing documents, It is a project in which former government agents and other insiders make available to the granddaddy of corruption-exposing whistleblowers, and the information then assembled to reveal a recognizable pattern of corruption and consequences. Also, the culture of cover-ups and disinformation that keeps the people from learning about secret activities of America's ruling oligarchy. It is believed that nothing like this has been done before.

 Indications of credibility in support of the unprecedented revealing of 50 years of corruption and tragedies involving America's oligarchy.

America's Pandora's Box of multiple scandals, justifying a peaceful but dramatic attack on unrecognized hardcore, tragedy enabling corruption and "third rail" type of cover-ups.

Consequences from History of Corrupt Acts
By Key People in U.S. Oligarchy

High-level DOJ personnel deep-sixed advance information of planned major terrorist attacks that was provided to FBI agents in the New York City offices by a mole in al Qaeda's primary bombing cell, and the mole's New York City attorney. The reason for deep-sixing the information was to fraudulently discredit the mole, whose scheduled testimony in several murder trials would implicate a key FBI supervisor. Results? 4,000 deaths and two wars, cover-ups, and generations of more terrorist attacks.

Each of the above catastrophic events were made possible by the corrupt acts of high officials in the U.S. Department of Justice as they deep-sixth advance information about these al Qaeda plans. A mole in an al Qaeda cell, and his attorney, provided this critical information as it was being received by the mole directly from a key al Qaeda member. (Details in the books, Crimes of the FBI-DOJ, Mafia, and al Qaeda; and also, Terrorism and Deadliest Enabling Scandals of 21st Century.)

Secondary enabling corruption was the culture and documented history of corruption in the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), as shown by a long series of resulting aviation disasters'. FAA had responsibility for ordering the extremely simple and easily accomplished measures that would have prevented the successful hijackings. (Details in the book, History of Aviation Disasters: 1950 to 9/11.)

History of Harm at International Level
Inflicted by U.S. Oligarchy

Harm inflicted upon the people of other nations through the corrupt actions and culture of key people in America's government offices.

Areas of Harm Inflicted Upon American Public
Through DOJ Employees

Scheme to halt the exposure of high-level corruption that not only kept the
corruption going, but revealed the extent of the corruption in the United States.

Unprecedented Response by U.S. Supreme Court Justice Byron White

Oligarchy Unit Most Responsible for Direct
Harm Upon the American People

The source of the greatest direct harm to Americans, and most guilty for protecting the harmful corruption from America's controlling oligarchy are the employees in the U.S. Department of Justice. That includes FBI personnel and federal prosecutors. The following are examples, details of which are in the various books written by activist-against-corruption Rodney Stich:


Culture of Cover-Ups Enables Continuation Of
Great Harm by Powerful U.S. Oligarchy

Many whistleblowers reported the corruption-resulting harm over the past decades. Each area of cover-up enabled the corruption to worsen, along with even greater resulting tragedies. It is now difficult for any of the checks and balances to report the corruption made possible by their own prior cover-ups. The following are a sampling of the evidence of the cover-ups, starting 40 years earlier:

The Power Controlled by the Oligarchy
Can Silence Everyone


The power in the hands of the U.S. oligarchy, especially through the awesome powers in the hands of personnel in control of the U.S. Department of Justice, can silence virtually any individual, group, or corporation. Examples:

Reporting 40 Years of Corruption and Consequences
Through Not-for-Profit Books

The massive amount of information gathered by dozens of professionals in their line of activities in and out of government provided the material for over a dozen books written by the granddaddy of corruption-exposing whistleblowers, and a rare corruption fighting whistleblower. He has the suffering to prove it!!