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1953: U.S. politicians and CIA starting deadly  destabilizing the Middle East.


Evaluating Credibility of information and sources.


U.S. deadly destabilizing of the Middle East, starting in  1953.


Pan Am Flight 103 bombing over Lockerbie--and DOJ criminal scheme.


Forewarned World Trade Center bombing.


Forewarned World Trade Center bombing.


Mafiosi mole in al Qaeda cell  providing advance information on series of planned al Qaeda attacks that could have prevented 9/11.


Forewarned downing of TWA Flight 800—and FBI-CIA-NTSB personnel cover-ups.


Forewarned bombings of U.S. Embassies.


Forewarned and easily preventable hijackings of 4 U.S. airliners on September 11, 2001.


DOJ personnel's deep-sixing of advance information resulted in worst series of  terrorist attacks in the nation's history.


DOJ personnel falsified the 9/11 report.


Widespread cover-ups by U.S. politicians: criminal acts enabling calamitous tragedies.


Culture of corruption enabled enormous enlargement of tragedies.


Horrific U.S. invasion of Afghanistaninnocent of complicity or knowledge of 9/11 attacks.


Horrific U.S. invasion of Iraq—also innocent  of attacks on U.S.—and hostile to al Qaeda terrorists.


U.S. culture of murdering innocent people via drones.


Sampling of U.S. killing innocents—starting in the 1950s.


Five decades of U.S. deadly invasions of other nations: Possibly longest in world history.


Harm inflicted upon individual Americans by the system, headed by FBI-DOJ personnel, and judiciary.


Harm directly inflicted upon individual Americans by FBI-DOJ personnel.


Harm inflicted upon America's ombudsmen whistleblowers by FBI-DOJ personnel.


Sampling of consequences of corruption, cover-ups, attacks on whistleblowers, and public indifference.


Credibility of this information.


Deadliest consequences in America's history from corrupt acts of FBI-DOJ officials.


Similar FBI-DOJ murderous complicity in the Boston FBI-DOJ offices.


Mole in al Qaeda cell provided advance information on series of al Qaeda attacks,


Deep-sixing advanced notice of al Qaeda attacks resulted in worst  consequences in U.S. history.


Information so explosive for the controlling oligarchy that total silence required: public must never know.


Granddaddy of corruption-exposing and corruption-fighting whistleblower.


Mafia mole in al Qaeda cell became confidant to corruption-fighter.


Two world-record aviation calamities in New  York City: 40 years apart—both enabled by corruption that was kept from the public.


Reporting criminal activities via federal crime reporting statute resembled attacking a hornet's nest.


Unprecedented acknowledgement of gravity by U.S. Supreme Court Justice Byron White.


Initial fight in 1960s to halt fraud-enabled aviation disasters.


Sampling of early consequences of corruption  in the U.S. government—primarily the "tombstone agency."


Continuing aviation disasters  motivated series of unprecedented actions—including lawsuit's against top levels in government.


Life-saving attempts in U.S. comes with a price: brutal attacks, starting while on life-and-death assignment.


Series of not-for-profit documentary books by insiders on 50 years of corruption and tragedies.


Why America's corrupt status is probably irreversible—unless a powerful group appears with courage to fight the government oligarchy.


Similarities between German people under Adolf Hitler and American people under another oppressive government oligarchy.


Will  the American people ever  become informed, as expected of responsible adults in modern nations, in real world environment?