Enablers of the corruption and resulting tragedies.


Reliability of this information.


50-year history of American tragedies—and the enabling misconduct.


History of corruption-related catastrophic-Type American tragedies—and public's apathy.


Years of horrific fraud-enabled aviation disasters.


Pan Am Flight 103 bombing over Lockerbie--and DOJ lying to the American people.


Forewarned World Trade Center bombing.


Forewarned World Trade Center bombing.


Mafiosi mole in al Qaeda cell  providing advance information on series of planned al Qaeda attacks that could have prevented 9/11.


Forewarned downing of TWA Flight 800—and FBI-CIA-NTSB personnel cover-ups.


Forewarned bombings of U.S. Embassies.


Forewarned and easily preventable hijackings of 4 U.S. airliners on September 11, 2001.


DOJ personnel's deep-sixing of advance information resulted in worst series of  terrorist attacks in the nation's history.


DOJ personnel falsified the 9/11 report.


Widespread cover-ups by U.S. politicians: criminal acts enabling calamitous tragedies.


Culture of corruption enabled enormous enlargement of tragedies.


Horrific U.S. invasion of Afghanistan, generating justified hatred for Americans.


Horrific U.S. invasion of Iraq—generating their own form of barbarism and barbaric groups.


Culture of murdering innocents via drones.


Sampling of U.S. killing process.


Five decades of U.S. deadly invasions of other nations: Possibly longest in world history.


Non-catastrophic type of harm inflicted upon individual Americans by the system, headed by FBI-DOJ personnel, and judiciary.


Harm inflicted by DOJ personnel on Whistleblowers made possible four decades of corruption-enabled great tragedies.


Sampling of tragedies that would not have happened if attacks on whistleblowers had not existed.


Enormity of corruption and consequences required multiple complicity.


Sampling of recent attacks upon whistleblowers.


Sampling of consequences of corruption, cover-ups, attacks on whistleblowers, and public indifference.


Credibility of this information.


More information on  the criminal deep-sixing of advance information of al Qaeda attacks that enabled the nation's worst series of catastrophic events—with no end in sight.


Similar FBI-DOJ murderous complicity in the Boston FBI-DOJ offices.


Mole in al Qaeda cell provided advance information on series of al Qaeda attacks,


Deep-sixing advanced notice of al Qaeda attacks resulted in worst  consequences in U.S. history.


Information so explosive for the controlling oligarchy that total silence required: public must never know.


Granddaddy of corruption-exposing and corruption-fighting whistleblower.


Mafia mole in al Qaeda cell became confidant to corruption-fight.


Reporting criminal activities via federal crime reporting statute resembled attacking a hornet's nest.


Unprecedented acknowledgement of gravity by U.S. Supreme Court Justice Byron White.


Initial fight in 1960s to halt fraud-enabled aviation disasters.


Major person responsible for funding and gathering information and evidence for this site.


Series of Books Providing Insider Factual Information On
Corrupt Conduct Defrauding America and Its People—
And 50 Years of Tragic Consequences
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Similarities between German people under Adolf Hitler and American people under another oppressive government oligarchy.