From Fighting in World War II to Fighting
A Worse Enemy Upon Returning Home

Rodney Stich spent much of World War II in the Pacific as a Naval Aviator and a prestigious Patrol Plane Commander.  An even worse enemy as for inflicting harm upon him, was waiting for him after he returned home.

Upon returning home, and later, as a federal airline safety inspector, after being given the unprecedented life-and-death-assignment to halt the corruption and other problems resulting in a continuing series of world-record of aviation disasters, he came under attack and suffered years of repeated harm that made a mockery of the term, liberty and justice for all.

The following is a sampling of harm inflicted upon him to stop his efforts to expose and halt the corruption that he and his group discovered and attempted to halt.

Given Life-and-Death Assignment
And Then Prosecuted for Carrying It Out

Starting in the 1960s, the United States experienced a series of world-record airline disasters, starting with the crash of a United Airlines DC-8 into the Brooklyn section of New York City. The primary enabler of the crashes at the politically-powerful  United Airlines corporation were the flagrant unsafe practices and corrupt withholding of legally required and industry-accepted safety practices. And further enabled by the politics, incompetence, and corruption in the Federal Aviation Agency (FAA), the agency known to knowledgeable insiders as the "tombstone agency."

The FAA safety personnel in the Los Angeles regional offices asked FAA airline safety inspector Rodney Stich, a former Naval Aviator and Patrol Plane Commander during World War II and former international airline captain, to transfer to Denver, where United Airlines did most of the training of the crewmembers, and correct the serious crash-enabled problems. That was an unprecedented official life-and-death-assignment. He accepted, not realizing how his life would forever be changed.

Discovering Arrogance, Corruption, and Deaths

Unprecedented corruption that Stich has never seen during his many years as a Navy Aviator or airline pilot confronted Stich as he tried to carryout his life-and-dearth assignment. The results were more deaths. A factor in those deaths was the harm inflicted upon Stich as he sought to carry out that assignment. Department of Justice personnel were complicit in the attacks that had a deadly outcome, and would continue for many years. That culture even played an enabling role many years later, on 9/11.

Sampling of Early United Airlines Crashes
Associated with FAA Reports of Major Safety Misconduct





Attacked Again After Discovering and Exposing
Other High-Level Corruption and Resulting Tragedies

Upon resigning from the FAA, refusing to work under such corrupt and deadly conditions, he engaged in other efforts as a citizen try to halt the culture enabling continuation of aviation disasters enabled by problems in "the tombstone agency."  The publicity from these efforts caused a continuing series of other former government personnel form covert and law enforcement operations to become his sources. These new areas involved many covert operations worldwide, including CIA drug smuggling and other corrupt activities. Stich then added these matters to the corruption enabled airline crashes that he was exposing and sought to correct.

The attacks then worsened. The prior misconduct by Department of Justice personnel was combined with corrupt complicity of federal judges. Together, they criminally misused their positions and inflicted great harm upon the corruption fighter to silence him.

First Came a Sham Lawsuit Filed by CIA-Front San Francisco Law Firm

The first attack used a scheme controlled by Department of Justice personnel, using the covert CIA-front San Francisco law firm of Friedman, Sloan and Ross. It consisted of a sham lawsuit at Fairfield, California. That lawsuit was a  sham on the basis of facts, and barred by dozens of California and federal laws and constitutional protections. To succeed, it required the complicity of a dozens California judges, who would have to support the gross violations of state and federal laws. Since there were defenses against the massive violations that continued for six years, from 1982 to 1988, dozens of federal judges became involved to protect the scheme.

The scheme fronted by the CIA-front San Francisco law firm almost collapsed at one point; the Texas resident being used as a straw plaintiff threatened to back out of the scheme. That required the cooperation of multiple government personnel in several states, and using a young child as a pawn.

DOJ Personnel and Federal Judges Acted
Jointly To Silence the Corruption-Fighter

 Upon exercising the federal responsibility to report the ongoing federal crimes and jointly exercise federal defenses against the massive violations occurring in the California courts, Department of Justice personnel and federal judges acted in unison:

Federal Judges' Orders Terminated Major Civil Rights

First, federal judges issues illegal and unconstitutional orders permanently denying him the right to file federal papers in any federal district or appellate court. These orders were violations of federally protected civil rights—that DOJ personnel were charged to protect; and the orders constituted objection of justice crimes by blocking the reports of federal crimes made by former federal agents, for which DOJ personnel was required to correct. Instead, they continued supporting such violations, in effect, subverting the laws of the United States and their positions of trust.

Criminal Contempt of Court Charge For Filing
Federal Actions Seeking to Halt Continuing Tragedies
And Federal Defenses to Halt Lost of Freedom and Life Assets

The next stage to which they subjected the corruption fighter was to charge him with criminal contempt of court. DOJ prosecutor David Levi in Sacramento based the charge on the fact that the corruption fighter had filed papers in federal court that violated the order terminating Stich's access to federal courts. That filing reported the corrupt and criminal acts that he and his sources, all former government personnel in highly sensitive positions, had discovered—and were starting to enable terrorist successes. Again, both groups acted in reverse of their government responsibilities.  (Levi was later promoted to U.S. District Judge at Sacramento, California.)

Denying a Jury Trial to Insure Success
Of the Obstruction of Justice Scheme

In order to succeed with that preposterous criminal contempt of court charge, they had to deny to the corruption-fighter the legal and constitutional right to a jury trial. The Sacramento attorney, Joel Pegg, to whom Stich had paid $20,000 repeatedly sabotaged Stich's defenses.

Only Known Modern Nation That Sends Its Citizens
To Prison for Reporting High-Level Corruption

He was then subjected to trial, judgment by Sacramento U.S. District Judge Raul Ramirez, and sentenced to six months in prison—for having filed a federal action under the authority and requirement of the federal crime reporting statute, Title 18 U.S.C. § 4, reporting the criminal conduct that Stich and his sources sought to report—that were at that time enabling the start of terrorist successes. The subsequent Kangaroo Court proceedings ended with a guilty judgment and six month sentence in federal prison. At that time, the corruption-fighter was a senior citizen, nearing the age of 70, and recovering from open heart surgery.

Federal Appeal Judges and Supreme Court Justices
Approved the Charge  and Sentence

After the guilty sentence and before imprisonment, the corruption-fighter sent appeals to the federal court of appeal judges at San Francisco and also to Supreme Court Justices. In every filing, they supported the actions taken against him. One appeal to the appellate court judges was sent directly to Judge Anthony Kennedy shortly before he was appointed to the U.S. Supreme Court.

Six Months in Prison for Attempting to Halt
The Ongoing Tragedy-Enabling Corruption

During a subsequent hearing, he was unexpectedly seized and sent from prison to prison, in shackles, being exposed to the public during transfer from prison to prison. At this time, Stich was still  recovering from open-heart surgery, and was 67 years old at that time. This constitutional outrage was compounded by being kept in solitary confinement for four weeks. In a New York Times editorial (June 20, 2015), referring to Justice Anthony Kennedy's decision in the case of Hector Ayala, and referring to solitary confinement,

Justice Kennedy wrote, this sort of "near-total isolation exacts a terrible price," long understood by courts and commentators. In making this point, he quoted Dostoyevsky: "The degree of civilization in a society can be judge y entering its prisons."

This is not the first time Justice Kennedy has aired his concerns about solitary confinement—he spoke out against the practice during testimony before Congress in March. But in addressing the brutality of this punishment at length in an opinion, he raises a constitutional question ... Justice Kennedy seemed eager to consider whether prolonged solitary confinement is unconstitutional.

Apparently Kennedy considered the massive and deadly violations of civil rights, the obstruction of justice, and conspiracy against a single citizen, which was brought to him several times while an appellate judge at San Francisco, constitutional acts!

Converted from Multi-Millionaire to State of Poverty

While in prison, federal judges and Department of Justice personnel corruptly seized Stich $10 million in real estate assets. Involved in these acts were Las Vegas federal judge Robert Jones and Oakland federal judge Edward Jellen, and U.S. Department of Justice trustee, Charles Duck (later sent to federal prison for the worst trustee fraud in the nation's history—his prosecution forced by media publicity).

Stich, and his companion, Midas, a German Shepherd, became homeless as Department of Justice trustee Charles Duck ordered him from him homeafter first stripping him of his assets. (Jones was later promoted to U.S. District Judge at Reno, Nevada.)

Federal Judge Charging Him with Contempt of Court for
Filing Legal Objection to Corrupt Seizure of Assets

 In addition to corruptly seizing the assets, Judge Edward Jellen charged Stich with criminal contempt of court when Stich exercised the legal and constitutional right to appeal the seizure and liquidation of the assets.

Repeating Prison Charge as Tragedies from Corruption Continued

Upon release from the first prison sentence, San Francisco area federal judges, Marilyn Petal and homosexual judge Vaughn Walker, charged Stich with another criminal contempt of court for filing papers in another federal court trying to report the federal crimes that he and his group of other former government personnel had discovered.

Harm from Recognition of Hopelessness of Relief

All of the above, and much more, occurring on a daily basis, from 1982 to 1995, were awesome stresses, as he recognized: 

  • Being criminally converted from a multi-millionaire to a state of poverty; made homeless; charged with criminal contempt of court; all criminal acts to prevent the exposure of high-level corruption, and that every defense was either corruptly denied to him, or remained indifferent.
  • Being the target of criminal acts in a unprecedented conspiracy by Department of Justice personnel; California judges; federal judges; and others, misconduct that was unknown in any modern nation.
  • That Justices  of the U.S. Supreme Court were aiding and abetting the criminal acts after being informed of them and seeking help; instead, the Justices  protected the perpetrators.
  • That members of Congress knew of the attacks and remained quiet, becoming criminally complicit (This congressional complicity started in the 1960s and continues to this dayenabling by their silence many of America's great tragedies affecting the people and the nation.) Letters/faxes sent to member of Congress, starting in the 1960s.That members of Congress refused to exercise their responsibilities under such extreme violations, never before seen in any modern nation.
  • That media personnel and media corporations covered up for these attacksjust as they covered up for the tragedy-enabling corruption starting in the 1960s as they were informed of the hardcore corruption from a government insiderand which continues to this day.
  • That members of the American public; some of whom knew of the attacks, and did nothing.
  • The hopelessness as he was being destroyed.
  • Recognizing that some of the perpetrators were subsequently rewarded (U.S. Attorney David Levi promoted to federal judge at Sacramento; bankruptcy judge Robert Jones promoted to federal judge in Reno, Nevada; federal judge Michael Mukasey in New York City promoted to U.S. Attorney General; U.S. Attorney Eric Holder promoted to U.S. Attorney General; FAA personnel involved in criminal acts to block the life-and-death assignment were promoted despite the deadly consequences of their actions.)

One of the Supreme Court Justices acknowledged the seriousness of the matters after Stich sent him a 60-page Emergency Petition describing the underlying corruption, the resulting tragedies, and the actions taken to silence him. Instead of a form reply by the court clerk, Justice Byron White sent a personal letter and an unprecedented  apology, for being unable—as a single Justice—to help.

Frightening Implication in Unprecedented Apology
By Supreme Court Justice Byron White

Brief as was that unprecedented apology, it was full of frightening ramifications. What powerful force existed in  the United States that a Supreme Court Justice could not act in the light of the massive misconduct subverting the laws and constitution of the United States, protecting corrupt and criminal activities in key government offices, that were inflicting and enabling great harm to the people and the nation? Nothing like this had ever happened in any modern nation, and even worse than some of the conduct occurring in North Korea!

Through it all, his most loyal and understanding companion, Midas:

The Additional Awesome Consequences
For the American People

In addition to the years of continuing aviation crashes, the continuing harm upon the American people being used as a feeding trough, there was the start of terrorist successes, bred by the anger of people in the Middle East to the brutalities and killings by Israel during the invasion, occupying, and annexing of Palestine land, enabled by the funding, arming and protection provided by U.S. politicians. The small al Qaeda group stated those issues in attacking U.S. targets.

But now, a new form of harm was inflicted upon the American people, in the form of terrorist successes   against U.S. targets, retaliation for the harm U.S. politicians inflicted upon people of other nations.

Bombing of Pan Am Flight 103 Over Lockerbie

The bombing of Pan Am Flight 103 over Lockerbie, in retaliation for the U.S. shooting down an Iranian Airliner that had taken off from Abadan, Iran, and was climbing to altitude on a civil airways, carrying 290 people to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, on the Hajj. (This writer, as an airline captain) had flown that route many times for that same religious event.)  The same corrupt culture that resulted in the Lockerbie disaster came into play as Department of Justice personnel obtained and planted bogus evidence and then blamed two innocent Libyans and Libya for the bombing. More of the same culture that no other modern nation would do.

Advance Notice of Planned World Trade Center Attack
Given to FBI-DOJ New York City Offices

Prior to the bombing of the World Trade Center  in  1993, FBI-DOJ personnel in the New York City offices had been told ahead of time of the bombing plot; the names of the al Qaeda personnel fabricating the bomb; and the self-storage facility in Jersey City where the bomb was being fabricated. That information was provided by a proven reliable source that had connection to al Qaeda personnel, and a female FBI Special agent. The information was ignored.


Another Source Provided Insider
 Information on Planned Al Qaeda Attacks

Those FBI-DOJ New York City offices were heavily involved in covering up for corrupt CIA activities. They were also involved with a New York City Colombo Mafia capo, Gregory Scarpa, Sr., known as the "killing machine," in criminal activities, including many years in murders. Those activities diverted their interest—or loyalties—from possible terrorist activities.

Downing of TWA Flight 800  

Considerable evidence indicates that a missile brought down TWA Flight 800, shortly after taking off from New York's JFK Airport. Prior to its downing, al Qaeda operative Ramzi Yousef stated to a former New York City Colombo Mafiosi. acting as a mole in the al Qaeda cell, that the al Qaeda group was planning to bring down a U.S. airliner departing the nearby JFK airport in New York City. That mole and his New York City attorney then notified the FBI-DOJ New York City personnel of the plans.

Most Valuable of al Qaeda Sources

Yousef was the most prolific among al Qaeda terrorists. He was the mastermind behind the bombing of the World Trade Center; he had planned to simultaneously place bombs on a dozen U.S. airliners departing Far East locations in a operation given the name of Bojinka, for which he was later charged and sent to prison.

The personnel in that office recognized the credibility of the advance information, but high-level officials in  Washington deep sixed the information because of a scheme to discredit that mole—the son of the Mafia capo involved in murders with FBI-DOJ personnel. The advance notice then became a reality.



U.S. Embassy Bombings

The mole in the al Qaeda cell forwarded information on the planned bombing of U.S. embassies in Africa. Again, the advance notice became realities, as the U.S. embassies in Kenya and Tanzania were bombed with heavy loss of life. (August 7, 1998)


World-Record Horrors on September 11, 2001

FBI-DOJ personnel had advance notice from reliable sources, with al Qaeda contacts, of the planned:

  •  Bombing of the World Trade Center in 993.
  • Downing of an airliner several weeks before the downing of TWA Flight 800.
  • Bombing of U.S. embassies in Africa.
  • Hijackings of U.S. airliners.


One of Over 200 Victims Chose This Way to Die—
Made Possible by Many Enablers in United States

Two Key People That Also Tried to Prevent
The Series of Terrorist Successes—
Sources to the Corruption-Fighter

Among Stich's sources was that former Mafiosi mole in the al Qaeda cell, Gregory Scarpa, Jr., and a former FBI Special Agent in the New York City offices, Richard Taus. Years earlier, as a FBI Special Agent under the FBI supervisor, Lindley DeVecchio, heavily involved in the murders with the Mafia capo, Taus discovered many area of corruption that he was told to ignore. Feeling a sense of responsibility, Taus reported the matters to members of Congress, who ignored the serious matters and forwarded his letters to the same DOJ personnel involved in the criminal activities. DOJ personnel promptly filed sham criminal charges against him.

The members of Congress did the same cover-up with that information that the FBI agent provided to them as they did with the information provided to them by corruption-fighter, Captain Rodney Stich.)

Stich had many years of communications to both of the about sources.


The Next Level of Repeatedly Worsening
Tragedies for Americans

With the murderous invasions ordered by U.S. politicians into Afghanistan and Iraq, the expected anger did occur, resulting in what is probably a world record number of people wanting to kill Americans, many of the outraged people willing to die in the process. It is probable  that with that "Genie" out of the bottle, there is no way to go back.

With the culture as deeply embedded as it is in the key places throughout the U.S. government, more diabolical decisions will probably be made that will worsen the consequences, like pouring fuel on the fire. Contributing to the worsening conditions will be even worse indifference by the people, further obsessed with trivia than ever before. Reading in depth has deteriorated to reading small nips of media-provided data on small handheld devices, further contributing to the people used by the elite as a feeding trough. Probable future events:

Unusual Background and Credibility
Supports the Corruption-Fighter

The corruption-fighter's active background started in the U.S. Navy in World War II. He became a Naval Aviator and held the prestigious position of Patrol Plane Commander, at the young age of 21, the youngest PPC in the Navy in World War II.


After the  end of World War II, he started as an international airline captain, a position full of intrigue. Among the varied activities were flying captain at the start of Japan Airlines, having as his copilots former Japanese wartime pilots; flying aircraft from India with 1600 monkeys on board for the Salk polio vaccine program; flying Muslim pilgrims to the holy cities of Mecca and Medina during the Hajj pilgrimage; caught in a murderous CIA-instigated revolution in Iran, which started the Middle East destabilization U.S. politicians. 


His dozens of sources included former heads of secret CIA airlines and other covert operations, that that involved drug smuggling, money laundering, October Surprise, agents destabilizing Afghanistan—before the Soviets arrived!, and much more.


Decades of High Quality Commendations

Sampling  of commendations given to Stich over his lifetime

Supreme Court Justice Byron White

Supreme Court Justice Bryon White unprecedented apology to the corruption-fighting whistleblower, Captain Rodney Stich. This followed his receipt of a 60-page Emergency Petition  from the corruption fighter, bringing to Justice White's attention many of the matters described here.

Letters/faxes to corruption-fighter Rodney Stich, including from such people as Sen. Robert Kennedy, judges, Supreme Court Justice Byron White, and others.

People's Appreciation Emails, Letters

Comments from people showing their appreciation for what the corruption-=fighter was doing.

Sampling of Early Book Reviews

Books reviews

Assignment Based on Confidence

Life-and-death official assignment, indicating the confidence in his ability and capability to take on powerful forces, with life and death consequences. 

Key People Becoming Sources

His many sources that had confidence in the corruption-fighter and provided him with secret information and documents revealing serious misconduct in government positions.

Prestigious Navy Patrol Plane Commander

The confidence in him to designated him to the prestigious position of Patrol Plane Commander, at age of 22, and assignment to one of the most active squadrons in the Pacific: navy_patrol_plane_commander_stich_vpb108.

$500 to $10 million in Real Estate

His judgment that enable him, with hard work after he left government, to invest in California real estate, and pyramid a $500 investment into $10 million.

"Foolishly giving up the good life for a thankless cause!

Pictures of his aviation activities.

Corruption-Fighter in Better Times

Youngest prestigious U.S. Navy Patrol Plane Commander (PPC) in World War II. (President George Bush (sr.) claims to be youngest Naval Aviator (getting his Navy wings at the same timebut he was a single-engine pilot). Stich joined the U.S. Navy  in 1940, a year before the Japanese attack upon Pearl Harbor.


Patrol Plane Commander (PPC) Rodney Stich and Crew,
Navy Patrol Bombing Squadron 108, Tinian Island



PPC Rodney Stich, VPB 120, Whidbey Island



I international Airline Captain

International airline captain after the end of World War II, for an airline that three  articles in the Saturday Evening Post magazine called, "The Daring Young Men of Transocean Airlines." (Various flying included flying Captain for Japan Airlines  and having as copilots former wartime Japanese Navy Pilots; flying Muslim pilgrims to the holy city of Mecca and Medina; caught in a CIA-engineered revolution in Iran in 1953; and much more.


 Captain Rodney Stich, Japan Airlines


Federal Airline Safety Inspector

In 1961, as airline disasters were a common event, sometimes occurring every few months, he was hired by the Federal Aviation Agency (FAA). One of those airline disasters set a world record, and was a United Airlines DC-8 that crashed into the Brooklyn section of New York City. That horrific aviation disasters occurred on December 16, 1960. Corruption enabled that disaster to occur, and ironically, 40 years later, New York City experienced another world record experienced another and even more horrific world record aviation event: September 11, 2001. Those were also enabled by corruption.


FAA Inspector Rodney Stich, center


Do Decades of Facts and Evidence Indicate a Massive
Conspiracy In U.S. Government Personnel To Hide
Decades Of Corruption-Enabled Tragedies?

If a serious person, with average intelligence and awareness of the existence of corrupt conduct, spent the time to read and understand the information and evidence at this site and the related links, it is strongly believed that they would find evidence of an almost unimaginable level of corruption of key people in the three branches of the U.S. government, unknown in any modern and honest government. A sampling of the facts and evidence can be viewed at this location:  (uploaded soon)

Not-for-Profit Documentaries on 50 Years
Of Corruption In U.S. Government Personnel

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