New material added: 2-1-2013. House of thousands of deaths in California.


Pockets of medical corruption facing anyone undergoing even modest medical treatment in the United States.

"I want to die," said the victim of a group of conspiring doctors!
Highlights of overwhelming frauds by conspiring doctors.

Glenda seeking treatment for shortness of breath from fungus infection.


Irresponsible transfer by John Muir Hospital to SNF lacking treatment.


Fraudulent acceptance for medical treatment Manor Care did not have.


Start of frauds and deceptions by doctors to hide the fraudulent admission.

Manor Care doctors dosing Glenda with
Round-the-Clock Opiates and Drugs That
Decreased Pulmonary Function.


Morphine Replaced Pressure Ulcer Treatment!


 Rushing Glenda to the Nearest Hospital
Due to Opiates Misuse.

 Systematic withholding of all information
From Glenda's Caregiver.


Glenda's pulmonary doctor
Abandoning Glenda During Medical Mistreatment.


 Blackmailing phone call from Glenda's Pulmonary Doctor.


Khashayar Knew of the Misconduct Against Glenda.


Doctor compounding  neglect with
deliberate infliction of emotional stress.


Caregiver pleading with  Glenda's primary care doctor for help.


 Glenda at Manor Care, in pain, dosed with mind-altering drugs and opiates, wth Hope of transfer to Kindred SNF.


Manor Care schemed to transfer Glenda from treatment to hospice
And to the house of death.


Manor Care management blocked Glenda's Transfer to Kindred SNF
That had the hospital-ordered pulmonary treatment.


Overwhelmed by the lies and deceptions, and drugged, Glenda gave up, and wanted to die.


Medical mob ganging up on Glenda and her partner.


Two doctors from the close-knit doctor group
signed sham Certification of Terminal Illness forms.


Exact opposite findings by professionals contradicted the two unqualified and conspiring doctors.
Compassion and Coordination with Caregivers
Alien to These Medical Industry Physicians.
Glenda arrived at Bruns House hospice, thinking it was a nursing home.
Ominous development: Doctor initiating the frauds was now in control of Glenda’s morphine/opiates dosing.
Sudden unnatural comatose condition after last visitor left.
Glenda's life ended, hours after entering the house of death, enabled by criminal-type conduct by close-knit doctors of death.

Another death from record-setting medical corruption


Close-knit doctor group protected each other.


Funeral services for a victim of corrupt elements in America's medical industry.


The Hectic Necessities
Upon Death of a Loved One.


One last crusade against areas of deadly endemic corruption in the United States, partly out of memory of Rodney's co-pilot: Glenda.
Glenda's Partner Started to Investigate.
Sampling of investigative actions taken by Glenda's partner and nationally-known activist.
Cover-up of a crime  is a criminal act.
Glenda's sudden death revealed suspicions of
homicides in house of death.
Medical homicides, including Glenda's, in California's house of death.


Sampling of information sources relating to America's medical industry.


People notified of the medicinal crimes and homicides, who then covered up.


Cover-up culture among California bureaucrats.
Sampling of serial murders in medical facilities worldwide.
More Details
Pictures of prior happier times for Glenda before victimized by protected thugs in California's medical industry.
Questions every American needs answered.


Glenda's Earlier Long Difficult Road With Cancer.


Scenes that Glenda's Partner will Never Forget.


Glenda Guilinger (Stich)


Another site showing medical care problems in, the United States.


Other pictures of this great lady.


Pictures of Glenda flying over Lake Powell.


Sample pictures of Glenda flying the length of them Grand Canyon on multiple yearly trips.


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