Consequences of the Corruption
Corruption-Fighter Sought to Halt

Here is the unusual true story of a corruption-fighting activist that has being carrying out an unprecedented series of efforts to not only expose corruption in government, but to also fight the corruption, to halt the often deadly or catastrophic consequences, and some of the resulting consequences for the American people.

Outraged by the great harm—including thousands of deaths, years of catastrophic consequences from the corruption and its cover-up, including the past two decades of terrorist successes against the United States—former federal agent, activist, and granddaddy of corruption-reporting whistleblowers, Rodney Stich, spent 40 years using out-of-the-box efforts to circumvent the cover-ups of the tragedy-related corruption that he personally discovered. His efforts encouraged other professionals to at least speak out, who also sought to expose and halt the corruption in the different government agencies, that had devastating consequences for the American people. Stich then included their information and evidence with his own information, and continued his half-century journey to expose the corruption which affected so many innocent lives.

The following are a sampling of catastrophic events enabled by corrupt conduct that he and his several dozen other major insiders discovered, starting in 1965, starting with the more "recent:"

Decades of Criminal Misconduct by DOJ Personnel

Report Corruption of U.S. Leaders—and Suffer the
Consequences from America's DOJ Personnel

The following are examples of the tactics used to prevent the public from learning about serious corruption and the resulting consequences by misusing the power of the U.S. Department of Justice:

For decades, patriotic Americans, professionals, usually people in responsible positions in overt or covert government operations, sought to report the corrupt acts of high government officials that were resulting in great harm to the nation and the peopleonly to suffer great and irreparable personal and financial harm. Usually, it started with sham criminal charges filed against them by personnel in the U.S. Department of Justice. These are a partial  list of the whistleblowers who contacted the granddaddy of corruption-reporting whistleblowers, who had first started his efforts in 1965, addressing the corruption that enabled a continuing series of airline disasters that were common for many years.

2013 Corruption-Exposing Whistleblowers
Attacked by U.S. Ruling System

Media publicity peaked in 2013 as the corruption associated with the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq expanded into other countries, including Yemen, Somalia, Pakistan, involving unprecedented brutality and murders of even children. The focus was on document-exposing whistleblowers, U.S. Army Private Bradley Manning, head, Julian Assange; and Edward Snowden, an analyst for a private company in Hawaii. None of the whistleblowers did their exposure for profit. They did it for humanitarian reasons, and all knew they faced severe retaliation from employees of the U.S. Department of Justice.

Private Edward Manning
Private Manning was an Army intelligence analyst at a Forward Operating base in Iraq. In this position, where he learned about murders and other international crimes, he was so obsessed that he revealed these international crimes among other documents to WikiLeaks, where its founder, Julian Assange, published the information and also provided it to major media outlets, who also published some of the material. Among the crimes that he exposed included:

America's shills for the corruption in the ruling bureaucracy, military and politicians described Manning in such terms as a traitor with bloodstained hands. The truth is, he was a patriot by exposing those leaders whose corrupt acts resulted in deaths that went into the hundreds of thousands, if not millions, and gravely subjected the United States and its people to some of the greatest harms in the nation's history. This culture will continue.

Those who chastise Manning, and other corruption-exposing whistleblowers, and who support and protect the perpetrators involved in these crimes, are themselves the greatest threat and enablers of great national harm.  If they had spoke up earlier in protest of the tragedy-relating corruption, there would be no 9/11, no war in Afghanistan or Iraq, including the assassination of thousands of people in these countries, and the endless number of other costs to the American people. All of those criticizing the whistleblowers,  and whose position is to keep secret the crimes of the nation's leaders, already have the blood of thousands on their hands!

As has been  done to other whistleblowers for decades, Department of Justice employees inflicted torture upon this patriotic whistleblower. He was subjected to conduct constituting torture, kept in solitary confinement, kept naked in cold conditions. The judge presiding  over his court-martial ruled that the abuse inflicted upon Manning was illegal. In 2012, Juan Mendez, the United Nation's special rapport on torture, charged that the abuse inflicted upon Manning "constitutes at a minimum cruel, inhumane and degrading treatment."

Instead of punishing patriotic Americans who expose corruption, we need to punish those who engage in corrupt acts, that have devastating effects for America and its people. This site and its various links show the endless series of great harm, deaths in the millions, and endless series of catastrophic events resulting from the corruption.

If Manning had been unaware of the culture of corruption that existed in the three branches of the U.S. government, the culture of cover-ups, the widespread support or secrecy surrounding the corruption and its consequences, and what was done to prior whistleblowers—kept secret by the system and the imaginary media oversight—he might not have been so courageous.

Manning released his information, consisting of about one percent of the files available to him, to WikiLeaks head Julian Assange and to several major media sources. His purpose, as he stated before and after his disclosures became known, was to generate "worldwide discussions, debates and reforms." As Manning said to another soldier: "I want people to see the truth, because without information you cannot make informed decisions as a public."

WikiLeaks director Julian Assange
Julian Assange, a resident of another country, was one of the recipients of Manning's material, along with several major media outlets, who also revealed part of the Manning material on the lies, deception, murders, and other international crimes. Even though Assange was not a resident of the United States, and had every right to make known the information on criminal activities, the murders, the international crimes, U.S. prosecutors went after him, rather than go after the big-pocket major media sources.

The classified material that was released was far less than the higher classified Secret material released years earlier by Daniel Ellsberg revealing the corruption that made possible the nearly 60,000 deaths of U.S. military personnel.

U.S. prosecutors went after Assange, even raising the possibility of a death sentence. Assange sought refuge in the Venezuelan Embassy in London, where he is at this writing.

Edward Snowden
Edward Snowden,
an employee in Hawaii of National Security Agency Booz Allen Hamilton, became concerned about some of the serious misconduct revealed by the classified material that became available to him. He revealed to the London-based Guardian newspaper and others the U.S. Internet surveillance program and other programs that intercepted telephone  metadata and the PRISM, XKeyscore, and Tempora data. That informationspying on the American people as was never done before, and clearly unconstitutional, and indicative of a serious culture by the ruling oligarchy in the United States, caused a national uproar.

Employees of the U.S. Department of Justice charged Snowden on June 14, 2013, with espionage and theft of government property. (This is the same group that for decades engaged in murders with the Boston Bulger gang and the mostly covered up similar murders with Mafia capo Gregory Scarpa, Sr., that ended up deep-sixing advance information on the first series of catastrophic terrorist attacks, including the September 11, 2001, hijackings of four U.S. airliners. It is important to know the culture of the people going after patriots exposing tragedy-enabling corruption in government positions.)

Before he could be arrested, Snowden left his position in Hawaii and went to Hong Kong. From there, he went to Russia, and received temporary asylum for one year. Snowden defended his leaks of the unconstitutional spying on the American people, stating he leaked the documents in an effort "to inform the public as to that which is done in their name and that which is done against them." Some defenders of the unconstitutional spying operations claimed Snowden did grave damage to U.S. intelligence capabilities. Others, like former president Jimmy Carter, applauded Snowden's actions.

United States demanded that Russia extradite Snowden back to the United States. In child-like juvenile fashion, because Russian President Vladimir Putin did not rubber-stamp these demands, and instead granted Snowden temporary residence in Russia for one year, President Barack Obama cancelled a planned visit with Putin.

United Nations' High Commissioner for Human Rights, Navi Pillary, said: "Without prejudging the validity of any asylum claim by Snowden, I appeal to all States to respect the internationally guaranteed right to seek asylum."

The way the ruling Oligarchy in the United States has framed the matter, anyone revealing documents marked confidential-most of which does not meet the designation—which shows people in the ruling oligarchy in the  United States engaged in  murders, international crimes, subversive conduct, and other crimes, cannot disclose the conduct that is a crime against the United States.

U.S. Bureaucracy's Position Of
What Constitutes "Aiding the Enemy"

Does it "aid the enemy" when the following is revealed to the American people?

Harm Inflicted Upon Granddaddy of
Corruption-Exposing Whistleblowers

America's longest acting corruption-exposing whistleblower, former Naval Aviator in World War II, former international airline captain, and former FAA airline safety inspector, started his efforts during the time when airline disasters were a routine event, often occurring every few months, and sometimes more often.

Sampling of the corruption.

Evidence available at, and in books, reveal that the simultaneous and easily preventable hijackings of four airliners and killing of nearly 3,000 people on September 11, 2001, were directly enabled by the pockets of corrupt culture in the government's aviation safety offices and people in control of the U.S. Department of Justice.

It started after Stich, an FAA airlines safety inspector, was on assignment to halt massive aviation safety violations at United Airlines, and within the local FAA office at Denver, and which enabled a series of fatal airline disasters to occur at that airline. One such disaster was the world's worst at that time (a United Airlines DC-8 that crashed into the Brooklyn section of New York City, after first ramming a TWA Constellation over Staten Island).

A sampling of the many actions taken to prevent Stich from carrying out his assignment to halt the crashes and deaths included the following:

At the time these events were taking place, in 1965, Stich filed complaints with members of Congress, informing them of the massive safety violations and criminal acts. Following considerable correspondence, Congress terminated the Federal Aviation Agency in 1967, replacing it with the Federal Aviation Administration, under the supervision of the newly created Department of Transportation—using the same personnel!

Stich was forced to leave government after the cover-up; the corruption and resulting aviation  disasters continued—as could be expected following the cover-ups. Having massive documentary evidence of the relationship between corruption, cover-ups, and aviation disasters, Stich then took other never-before-taken actions. These included, for instance:

Evidence of Stich's Credibility

Numerous examples of Stich's competency and credibility exist, from multiple sources, and an unprecedented personal letter and apology from U.S. Supreme Court Justice Byron White:

Criminal Contempt of Court Charges for Reporting
Corruption-Enabling National Tragedies

Stich's CIA confidantes kept providing him with additional information on conduct that were major crimes against the United States. In addition to the criminal activities related to continuing airline disasters, Stich used the information he received from his CIA confidantes to file other actions, relating to the federal crimes he had discovered. Stich filed other actions adding addition criminal activities in them. In the second action filed at Sacramento, U.S. Attorney David Levi, and several federal judges, charged Stich with criminal contempt of court for having filed an action when the former illegal, unconstitutional, and obstruction-of-justice orders barred him from doing so. That action sought to report under the federal crime reporting statute, the following:

  • CIA and DEA involvement in worldwide drug smuggling.

  • CIA personnel involved in multiple forms of financial frauds.

  • October Surprise, as told by key CIA involvement in specific related activities.

  • Iran-Contra operations.

  • CIA involvement in looting of assets in the bankruptcy courts.

  • Additional information relating to aviation safety.

And in additional, seeking relief from the continuing massive violations of state and federal law that constituted federal causes of actions for which federal judges had the mandatory duty to hear, and to provide relief. But those violations were part of the DOJ-related scheme to halt Stich's exposure of the ongoing criminal activities that were resulting in great harm to national matters, including national security.

Stich was denied the constitutional right to a jury trial; he was charged and convicted by the same federal judges and Department of Justice that had been criminally covering up for the deadly crimes against the United States, and then sentenced, at the age of 68, to federal prison for six months, under very difficult conditions, within months after undergoing and recovering from open heart surgery requiring six bypasses. In addition, he was placed in solitary confinement for over a month, a practice considered inhumane.

Among the judges directly involved in these actions, were:

Sampling of Corruption and Tragedies
Occurring While Attacking Whistleblowers

Occurring in this time period, involving the conduct of Department of Justice personnel, were such matters as:

Years of Complicity By
U.S. Supreme Court Justices

The Justices of the U.S. Supreme Court had been made aware of these matters through court filings, court submissions, and letters, by former federal agent Rodney Stich, starting in 1968, and continuing with filing submitted to the Justices of the Supreme Court until 2003. These filings showed that:

  • The federal criminal activities that were presented to them under the federal crime reporting statute, raised their mandatory duty as well as their moral duty to receive the information.

  • Federal judges, over whom they had supervisory responsibilities, were criminally blocking the reports, and criminally inflicting great harm upon Stich and other corruption-reporting whistleblowers.

  •  Federal judges and Department of Justice employees were engaging in criminal acts by charging Stich—and other whistleblowers—with crimes as required by criminal statutes, for reporting criminal and subversive activities of people in key government positions.

  • Justices of the U.S. Supreme Court knew of the unlawful and unconstitutional orders by federal judges barring the former federal agent, for the remainder of his life, from filing any papers in any federal district or appellant court.

  • The long series of great harm to the nation from the criminal activities and cover-ups would continue if they joined in the cover-ups.

  • Cover-up of criminal acts would make them complicit in the crimes, and accessory after the fact.

One of the Supreme Court Justices involved with the cover-ups was Supreme Court Justice Anthony. Between the time that he was appointed to the U.S. Supreme Court and the date that he left his position as an appellate judge on the 9th Circuit at San Francisco, Stich filed a petition for an emergency writ with Kennedy. (December 27, 1988) That petition raised the issues stated above, and sought a stay of the order to go to prison.

Sampling of related files:

Lawsuit by Corruption-Fighting Whistleblower
Naming Supreme Court Justices
As Defendants, on Basis of Complicity

Unprecedented, but justified on the basis of the facts, Stich filed a lawsuit against the Justices of the U.S. Supreme Court. He knew he could never prevail, but wanted to make a judicial record of the involvement of Supreme Court Justices, their response to the lawsuit, and the possibility that media people would give publicity to the lawsuit and in turn publicity to the corrupt and criminal activities Stich sought to expose.

The Justices responded, acknowledging the facts, but stated they were immune.

Unprecedented Personal Response From
Supreme Court Justice Byron White—
With Unprecedented Apology

In 1991, U.S. Supreme Court Justice Byron White responded to an urgent petition for emergency relief with an unprecedented personal letter to Rodney Stich. In addition, his response was an unprecedented apology for not being of help to the serious matters raised in that petition. The letter stated:

"Dear Mr. Stich.

As a single justice I can be of no help to you. I am returning your petition.


Sincerely yours,


Byran White."

Evidence Indicates a Powerful Group In
Federal Government Orchestrated the Attacks
On the Whistleblower And
Protected the Participants: DOJ Personnel

Only a powerful group in the federal government could have committed for decades the massive illegal and unconstitutional and criminal acts, resulting in such horrendous harm  to the nation and people, and be immune from any corrective action by members of Congress and exposure by media people and media corporations. The evidence strongly indicates that the group are the people in control of the U.S. Department of Justice. This determination is based upon such evidence as:

The following indicates the culture and the danger to America by powerful group and culture in U.S. Department of Justice:

  • Years of murders of American citizens by FBI agents in the New York City offices, as revealed by the reports on FBI supervisor Lindley DeVecchio, and involvement in multiple murders with the Colombo Mafia Capo Gregory Scarpa, Sr.

  • Years of murders of American citizens by FBI agents in the Boston offices, as they became complicit in murders perpetrated by the Bulger group.

  • The lies and planting of sham evidence in the prosecution of the bombers in the downing of Pan Am Fight 103, protecting for political purposes the actual guilty parties, and shifting the blame to two innocent Libyans and Libya.

  • The withholding of information on several planned terrorist attacks on major U.S. targets so as to prevent the exposure of the murders. This self-serving act enabled the terrorist attacks to occur, killing nearly 4,000 people.

  • Comparison of blame for 9/11, with FBI-DOJ personnel being high on the list of enablers.

  • The practice of falsifying forensic evidence, filing sham charges against innocent people, and the long practice of filing sham  charges against government whistleblowers exposing tragedy enabling corruption.

  • Details in the book, Crimes of the FBI-DOJ, and the Mafia.

Last Pre-9/11Attempt to Halt the Corrupt
Activities That Enabled the Nation's
Worst Series of Terrorist Successes

Despite the probability of being again blocked by federal judges and Justice Department prosecutors, and partly due to the additional information from his inside sources about corruption affecting the lives of many people and adversely affecting national security, Stich tried one last time to report what he and his group of other government agents and insiders had discovered.

The lawsuit had multiple federal causes of action, any single one requiring a federal judge to receive the information and allow the legal proceedings to go forward. Among the causes of action, all adversely affecting national security, included:

U.S. District Judge Reed  blocked every federal cause of action from being addressed. Before the Reno judge dismissed the action, blocking Stich from reporting the criminal activities, terrorists hijacked four airliners and killed nearly 3,000 people. The hijackings were enabled to occur by the corrupt actions of management in the FAA that blocked from being implemented the known measures to prevent aircraft from being hijacked. Directly involved in the conduct that enabled the easily preventable hijackings were the corrupt conduct in the FAA and the U.S. Department of Justice.

Stich then filed a declaration with the court (January 21, 2002) that further showed the relationship between the wrongful conduct stated in the lawsuit and the hijackings of the four airliners. (Adobe PDF) Later, Stich would discover from a mole in the al Qaeda cell headed by Ramzi Yousef that FBI and top officials in the Department of Justice had advance notice of several planned terrorist attacks and had deep-sixth the information  in order to protect a key FBI supervisor from being charged in a series of murders. See the books, History of Aviation Disasters: 1950 to 9/11, and, Crimes of the FBI-DOJ, Mafia, and al Qaeda.

Despite all this, U.S. District Judge Reed dismissed the lawsuit before it could proceed. If he hadn't dismissed the action, it would have exposed not only the corruption and the nation's worst series of catastrophic terrorist attacks, but also the role of the people in control of the U.S. Department of Justice, the entire federal judicial system, and much more. There had never in the history of the United States been revealed corruption at so many levels in government and the harm suffered by the people.

The scandals were now so huge, and the consequences so grave, that the system had to protect itself. The 9/11 Commission was controlled by officials from  the U.S. Department of Justice—the primary enabling group for the success of the attacks—and the standard cover-up, naturally, occurred.

Post-9/11 Lawsuits Reporting The
Corrupt Conduct Enabling the 9/11 Attacks

Stich again tried to use the federal courts to try to address what had become an even worse national scandal than before. And again, federal judges had an even greater reason for subverting the legal process.

He filed a federal action under the federal crime reporting statute, attempting once again to report the evidence of criminal activities that enabled terrorists to hijack the four airliners on September 11, 2001. The first of two lawsuits was filed in the federal courts in New York City, where most of the 9/11 litigation occurred.

The next obstruction of justice tactic was done by U.S. District Judge Michael Mukasey. Stich submitting for filing the New York lawsuit, which met all the filing requirements. But Chief Judge Michael Mukasey illegally  blocked it from being filed—clearly an obstruction of justice and violation of his judicial duties.

It wasn't until 13 months later, and only after Stich wrote letters to each of the Justices of the U.S. Supreme Court, informing them of the latest obstruction of justice by judges over whom they had supervisory responsibilities, that the lawsuit was filed. Again, violating filing requirement, within several hours, Mukasey issued an order dismissing the lawsuit.

To legally dismiss a lawsuit, the judge is required to provide notice, and a hearing. If federal causes of action are stated, for which there are federal remedies in federal court, the action can't be dismissed. In this case, one of the federal causes of action arose under the federal crime reporting statute, Title 18 U.S.C. § 4, which requires judges to receive evidence of a federal crime. Blocking such report would be a crime.

That dismissal violated Mukasey's mandatory requirement under the federal crime reporting statute to receive the information of federal crimes, and violated dozens of statutes, rules of court, and constitutional protection barring such dismissal without a hearing.

For being a cooperating part of the system, President George Bush appointed Mukasey to U.S. Attorney General, where Mukasey could control other efforts to expose any element of what by then were among the worst scandals in the nation's history.

Complicity of District of Columbia Judges
In 9/11 Cover-Up

One more try. Stich submitted a lawsuit for filing in the federal courts in the District of Columbia, similar to what he filed in the New York City federal courts. The federal courts refused to file the papers, stating that a prior order by U.S. District Judge Stanley Sporkin forever barred Stich from filing any papers in any federal courts. Sporkin was the former CIA legal counsel during the numerous corrupt activities of CIA personnel during the 1980s, including the massive drug smuggling.

The courts in the District of Columbia are considered the most important in the nation, below the U.S. Supreme Court. In their decision refusing to file this lawsuit, the federal judges committed numerous offenses that are indicative of how far the actual conduct of America's leaders have come to constituting a criminal enterprise, unknown  to the American people, and enabled to occur by the culture of media cover-ups and dumbing down the masses.

Federal Crimes Perpetrated by Those
Attacking the Whistleblower, and
Those Who Covered Up

The crime of obstruction of justice does not rest upon whether the charges of criminal activities being blocked  are actually true. Any act, and especially a conspiracy of two or more people, that blocks the report of a federal crime is a criminal act. The 23 years of sham lawsuits that knowingly hindered and tried to totally block the former federal agent from reporting the ongoing criminal activities associated with an ongoing series of great harm upon the American people and the nation meets the definition of a conspiracy and a criminal racketeering enterprise.

(Credibility information)

Sampling of the judicial tactics used to block the reporting and exposure of the tragedy-related corruption implicating people in key government positions.

  • Obstruction of justice felonies associated with schemes that obstructed justice by blocking a former federal agent from reporting major criminal activities.

  • Conduct that constitutes a conspiracy under criminal law.

  • Conduct that constitutes a criminal racketeering enterprise (RICO).

  • The criminal acts arising from the retaliation for attempting to report criminal activities under the federal crime reporting statute, and the criminal acts arising from retaliation for exercising federal defenses against the massive civil rights violations associated with the parallel legal efforts to halt Stich's exposure activities.

  • Other criminal statutes that made the judicial acts repeated felonies.

  • Obstructing justice statutes. Federal judges were repeatedly guilty of these crimes, for which they were not only not immune, but guilty of greater offenses because of their position of trust. The criminal misuse of federal courts and judicial positions, retaliating against a former federal agent, in efforts to halt the exposure of the criminal and even subversive activities implicating people in key government positions.

  • The criminal acts arising from the retaliation for attempting to report criminal activities under the federal crime reporting statute, and the criminal acts arising from retaliation for exercising federal defenses against the massive civil rights violations associated with the parallel legal efforts to halt Stich's exposure activities.

  • Other criminal statutes that made the judicial acts repeated felonies.

  • Obstructing justice statutes. Federal judges were repeatedly guilty of these crimes, for which they were not only not immune, but guilty of greater offenses because of their position of trust.

  • Treason.

People Who Knew—and Made Possible Great Tragedies,
By Their Cover-Ups, Assistance, or Indifference

Decades earlier, starting in the mid-1960s, Stich had made the corruption and consequences well known to virtually every group that could have halted the spreading corruption and the worsening consequences. The only reaction was to terminate the Civil Aeronautics Board Bureau of Aviation Safety and the Federal Aviation Agency, and put the same people and the same culture into the newly formed National Transportation Safety Board and Federal Aviation Administration, under the supervision of the newly formed Department of Transportation. Other than that, nothing changed except the appearance.

In initial letters sent to members of Congress, the gravity of the charges was acknowledged, but no action taken. In later years, starting about 1990, with the consequences of the corruption—made possible by the refusal to take action required by their position—there was a total blackout on responses. The most probable reason for that was to avoid being shown as acknowledging the information being received and not taking the action required by their position. A partial list of the letters and faxes that were sent, often by certified mail, are shown in  the following lists:

  • List of letters sent to members of Congress.
  • List of letters sent to 9/11 Commission, relating to the 9/11 hijackings. Unknown to Stich at that time, DOJ members on the 9/11 Commission were covering up for their own role in enabling the deadly hijackings by being involved in deep-sixing the advance information of the planned attacks provided by a Mafia mole in the key al Qaeda group and the mole's attorney, Lawrence Silverman.
  • Index to a list of letters.
  • List of letters referring to ACLU relating to a series of major constitutional violations as part of a scheme to silence a former government agent exposing ongoing corruption related to a series of catastrophic events and other harms that were subverting national security.
  • List of letters referring to a mole in the al Qaeda cell who, with his attorney, provided advance information to FBI and other Department of Justice personnel of planned terrorist attacks, and which was deep-sixed to protect FBI and other personnel in the New York offices who were was involved in murders with a Mafia capo named Gregory Scarpa, Sr. The deep-sixing of that information  enabled the series of planned al Qaeda attacks to occur, that killed nearly 4,000 people, and then led to two wars through serial lying, and hundreds of thousands of deaths—all being enabled by the deep-sixing of that information. This information was so explosive that attacks upon whistleblowers came from Department of Justice personnel, members of Congress, and federal judges and Supreme Court Justices. All unknown to the American public.
  • List of letters pertaining to 9/11, with more serious matters discovered later, relating to the deep-sixing of advance information by Department of Justice personnel.
  • List of letters to U.S. Department of Justice personnel.|
  • List of letters to lawyers.
  • List of letters relating to the downing of Pan Am Flight 103 over Lockerbie before information was discovered about FBI and Department of Justice personnel.
  • List of letters to media personnel, exposing ongoing corruption and related tragedies—never receiving a response from 1956 to 2013. Many media personnel have been on the secret payroll of the CIA and other government departments for years.
  • List of letters relating to years of murders by FBI agents with organized crime and Mafia in the Boston and New York City offices, known to top officials in  the U.S. Department of Justice.
  • List of letters to U.S. Department of Justice.
  • List of letters Justices of U.S. Supreme Court.
  • List of letters relating to downing of TWA Flight 800 shortly after taking off from New York City JFK Airport, and before additional information was discovered about Department of Justice personnel deep-sixing  advance information.
  • List of letters to White House,
  • List of letters to government personnel in New York.

"Third-Rail" Effect: Everyone Covers Up For
Harmful Corruption in Government Positions

The American public continues to be a victim. The American public hears nothing about these matters due to the "third-rail" silence when high-level corruption is related to catastrophic events, such as 9/11, or a long series of preventable aviation disasters and deaths. With every repeated catastrophic event enabled by the high-level corruption, further enabled by prior "third-rail" cover-up, the need for continued cover-up increases.

The Harm Upon the People That
Could Have Been Avoided "IF"

IF the corruption in America's ruling oligarchy did not exist; or the cover-ups had not existed; or, if corruption-exposing whistleblowers were not routinely threatened and prosecuted, among the harm inflicted upon or affecting the American people would include the following sampling:

Consider how life in the United States—and in many foreign nations—would be so much more satisfactory, IF:

  • If the documented corruption of people in the government's aviation safety offices had not, for decades, enabled to occur a long line of easily preventable airline disasters, including the easily preventable and forewarned al Qaeda hijacking of four U.S. airliners on September 11, 2001.

  • If high officials in the U.S. Department of Justice had not deep-sixth the advance knowledge of the first series of catastrophic terrorist attacks, which was done to prevent a key FBI supervisor from being charged with a series of murders.

  • If U.S. politicians had not engaged in serial lying to invade Iraq, a decision that inflamed people to where the greatest increase of people wanting to kill Americans occurred in the nation's history.

  • If the corrupt culture of personnel in the U.S. Department of Justice did not exist, whose actions were subversive to the United States, and constituted a greater harm, and greater source of actual harm, to the American people than any external terrorist. In addition, to cover-up for murders perpetrated by a key FBI supervisor in the New York City offices, FBI-DOJ personnel withheld the most important information that the United States had ever received from a key al Qaeda operative, which enabled to occur nearly 4,000 deaths in the subsequent terrorist attacks.

  •  Members of Congress, who for decades were informed by Stich, and a host of other insiders, about the corruption and related crashes and corruption in other areas. Their cover-ups of federal crimes constituted felonies under the obstruction of justice statutes, far greater than the offense of cover-up that sent hundreds of people to federal prison.

  • Media people, who for years covered up for high-level corruption when it reached a certain level of enormity, and their cover-ups of lying by powerful politicians.

  • And these are a very few of examples that, if the corruption among America's leaders did not occur.

  • Comparison of blame for the conditions enabling 19 terrorists to so easily hijack four airliners on 9/11, when advance notice had been received of the attacks.

  • Enablers to major national tragedies.

  • Index to sampling of files on the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

  • Enormity of the consequences enabled by the corruption, the cover-ups, and the legal, judicial, and DOJ attacks.

  • Attacks upon whistleblowers to protect the oligarchy's own corruption.

Media discussions were about government reading emails. Whistleblower Rodney Stich had his mail seized in June 2013 and forwarded to an unknown location, as admitted by the postmaster, as shown by a complaint sent to the U.S. attorney at San Francisco; to the postmaster attorney general in Washington; and to Representative George Miller in California. None responded.

Horrors Resulting from U.S. Culture Of
Corruption, Cover-Ups, and Whistleblower Retaliation

No one knows the harm suffered as a result of the corruption described here. Or the harm suffered by  real patriots, those who expose corruption that have their lives shattered. These tragedies are carefully withheld by media people and media corporations. Even worse tragedies are suffered by people in other countries affected by the same corrupt culture among U.S. leaders. Afghanistan and Iraq are the most recent examples, following a long line of others, starting with Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Grenada, Panama, and others.

One of Over 200 Victims Chose This Way to Die—
Made Possible by Many Enablers in United States

But There Were Many Other Victims Over the Years!




Sampling Pictures of Thousands of Other Victims Of
High-Level Corruption Originating in United States

In addition to the decades of harm resulting from the systemic corruption of key people and groups in the U.S. government, affecting aviation safety, financial, human rights, in the United States, there is the harm from outside sources brought about by the actions of U.S. politicians affecting people in other countries—such as the history of invading and killing foreigners—there are the successful "terrorist" attacks made possible by high-level corruption, and then there are the foreigners who are also victims from the same high-level corruption that adversely affects the American, but in a different form.

Remains of a girl—about the age of the 9-year-old killed in January 2011,
one of thousands following U.S. invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan.

The American Public Problem

One other problem: the American public, and its 40 years of blissful indifference. If the public had responded to the corruption-exposing whistleblowers during the past 40 years, when they appeared on radio and TV shows, or published books, many of these great tragedies—including those of today from terrorist attacks, that will continue for generations—most of them would not have occurred. Having said that, the following factors need be considered:

  • The decades of cover-ups by media personnel, media corporations, left much of the public with no inkling of the misconduct that is throughout the upper echelon of key government entities.

  • The dumbing down of the American public by the media—or, catering to the dumbing down of large segments of the American public.

  • The obsession with trivial matters by much of the public.

  • The lowering of morals by larger segments of the public from prior years.

A New York Times feature on this matter.

What You and Other Patriots Can Do
To Fight this Massive Cancerous Growth

There probably has never in the history of the United States been such a massive trove of evidence of corruption of key people in government, with the ruling oligarchy committing so many corrupt acts resulting in so much harm, deaths, and catastrophic consequences. All of this valuable information will go down the drain if enough good people show outrage, and circumvent the blocks from throughout government and the media. For those who can't be more aggressive, devote your efforts to publicize this and related sites, using the information presented here.

If enough people will do this, there could be massive removal of people from government, and an almost impossible change in culture brought about. This opportunity won't happen again,  and with the present prosecutions, on top of what was done to Stich, even worse will follow. You can do it if you will only try.

Similarities Between Germans under Adolf Hitler
And Today's Americans
Under Their Oligarchy Leadership

A poem written by Martin Niemoller, relating to how Germans tolerate Adolf Hitler is especially suitable to most Americans today:


    First they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out, because I was not a Jew.
    Then they came for the Communists, and I did not speak out, because I was not a Communist.
    Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out, because I was not a trade unionist.
    Then they came for me, and there was no one left to speak out for me.


                  Pastor Martin Niemöller


Pastor Martin Niemöller (1892–1984) first supported the rise of Adolf Hitler, and then upon learning the truth, and objecting, he was imprisoned. He wrote a poem about the state of denial of Germans about what Hitler was doing. Probably no better example could be shown than what has been done to the American people, in their name, while they ignored the outrages.


The first step is to become informed. And with the vast cover-ups, disinformation, and blatant lying by U.S. politicians, media personnel, and political pundits, this requires a little effort. In searching for information, don't be misled by wild conspiracy theories, and go where facts can be found, including courageous (and foolish) insiders who speak out in defense of the country.


Sadly, fewer people read such books (preferring trivia reading), rarely read newspapers (which is one small step to becoming informed). Therefore, the future is bleak, made possible by the corruption detailed here and in the books, the cover-ups, and the public's indifference to their responsibilities.

Books Revealing
Decades of Corruption and Consequences






All of the books are available at, in print and on digital formats, and at many other Internet sites. They bring together the various pieces of the puzzle to better understand the overall picture, and why the same conditions continue year after year. Information on the books by former government agent Rodney Stich

Sampling of early books reviews

Sampling of complimentary letters/faxes to author/activist Rodney Stich.

More information about these books by clicking here.

See life in the United States as it really exists.


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