Introduction to Half Century of Needless Aviation Disasters
And Terrorist Successes—and Their Enablers

Starting about a decade after the end of World War II, airline disasters in the United States were a common event sometimes occurring every few months. Safety responsibilities were in the hands of the Federal Aviation Agency (FAA). That agency was referred to, by knowledgeable insiders, as "the tombstone agency" because of all the crashes and deaths resulting  from its internal problems. One politically powerful airline, United Airlines, was experiencing world record number of airline crashes. Inside the FAA, it was recognized that the glaring number of safety problems were enabled by the political power base in the  FAA.

First World-Record New York City Aviation Disaster

These highlights start with the world's worst aviation disaster at that time, a United Airlines DC-8 crash into the Brooklyn section of New York City. The enabling factors included massive corruption and the usual cover-ups, with the continuing enabling culture appearing also in the flying of a United Airlines and American Airlines flight into New York City's World Trade Center buildings.

The world's worst airline disasters at the time that Stich was an FAA airline safety inspector was the United Airlines DC-8 crash into the heart of New York City. It was one of the crashes that caused the FAA to give to FAA inspector Rodney Stich the hands-on assignment to correct the conditions responsible for the worst series of airline disasters in the nation's history (and certain key people at United Airlines was responsible for the majority of them). Stich  was a U.S. Navy Patrol Plane Commander (PPC) during World War II and after that, an international airline captain.

The direct cause of the New York City crash was the pilot's incredibly poor performance, which arose from the documented refusal by United Airlines personnel to provide legally required training and competency checks to its crewmembers, falsification of its safety records, threats upon federal air safety inspectors who sought report and take corrective actions on these matters. And much more. 

By pressuring FAA management to ignore these major safety violations, United Airlines management personnel played key roles in a 20-year-pattern of fatal crashes associated with these problems, and played a key role in the FAA culture. This culture resulted in FAA refusal to order the simple corrective actions that would have prevented many fatal airline crashes, including the September 11, 2001, terrorist hijackings that would have been prevented by ordering two simple corrective measures. (There are major connections between the 1960 United Airlines crash into New York City and the world record aviation disasters on September 11, 2001.)

The danger of fatal hijackings was obvious from their repetitive happenings, and as reported by federal air safety inspectorsincluding Rodney Stichalong with the simple corrective actions that by law FAA management were required to order.

Ironically, the next airliner crash into New York City after the United DC-8 disaster occurred on September 11, 2001, made possible by the same corruption within the FAA and United Airlines. Another irony, key people at United Airlines had threatened the two inspectors seeking to correct the problems resulting in a series of air disasters. In this way they aided in the continuation of the corrupt culture within the FAA that would result in other United Airlines crashesand the September 11, 2001, tragedies. 



 United Airlines' Criminal Falsification of
Crewmember Training Requirements

FAA management covered up for the fact that a prior investigation showed that key people at United Airlines were saving the airline considerable money by denying to the cockpit crewmembers the legally required periodic training and competency-check requirements, and then criminally falsifying government-required records to falsely indicate that the most important aviation safety requirements had been completed. The NTSB forerunner accident investigation agency then covered up for

As usual, none of the people whose conduct enabled these great tragedies to occur ever suffered any personal or financial loss. On the contrary, they profited, while the people who attempted to report and halt the misconduct paid heavily. This same culture is everywhere in the United States. Most recent examples are the people whose misconduct enabled the conditions to exist that made it easy for four groups of relatively unsophisticated terrorists to hijack four airliners and kill nearly 3,000 people. Another recent example of the personal and financial harm resulting from know and repeatedly reported misconduct is in the current worsening housing and financial frauds.

All of the above, and more, occurred in the areas of federal airline safety responsibilities of FAA inspector Rodney Stich, whom had repeatedly reported the serious safety problems, corruption, and even criminal misconduct that enabled them to occur. The culture of cover-up in the United States kept the system going as it existed, enabling such ripple effects as the hijackings of four airliners on September 11, 2001.

Under law, lawsuits could still be filed today, based on the material fraud that was not known at that time.

United Airlines DC-8 Crash at Denver Airport

United Airlines DC-8 crash at the Denver airport, in which many of the passengers were cremated alive. The direct causes of the crash arose from refusal to perform legally required training and competency checks, felony falsification of federally required safety records, threats against inspectors by United Airlines and FAA management personnel, and other problems.

The primary misconduct at United Airlines was covered up by FAA management, that had for various reasons allowed the misconduct to continue. The FAA however issued the most strongly-worded safety training requirements, requiring the airline to provide on a yearly basis, training in the emergency evacuation of passengers by the crew members. Many of the deaths

United Airlines Crash at Salt Lake City:
Classic of Massive Corruption and Deaths

United Airlines Boeing 727 crash at the Salt Lake City airport,  another crash in which many of the passengers were cremated alive. The official report by the NTSB on the causes of the crash and deaths included:

  • Dangerous high-sink-rate approach by the captain.
  • Poor performance of the flight engineer for failure to shut off the fuel pumps and the fuel supply valves, which resulted in fuel being poured outside the aircraft when one of the fuel lines broke.
  • Poor performance of the crew in evacuating the passengers after the aircraft had come to a stop. At that time, none of the occupants were injured.

What the NTSB political board members deliberately withheld from that report included the following:

  • FAA safety inspector-investigator Rodney Stich had repeatedly reported the dangerous high-sink-rate practices by pilots at United Airlines.
  • Stich had made an official report of that same captain as having a dangerous high-sink-rate approach practice, which Stich observed on an enroute flight check from Chicago to Denver via Omaha. 
  • The FAA suspension of federal safety investigator Stich from all inspection duties after Stich had reported an even more dangerous high-sink-rate approach by a senior United Airlines captain and senior union member while landing at Los Angeles International Airport. The pilot's union and the airline put pressure on to remove Stich from his safety functions, a common practice at that airline that had unusual control over the government's aviation safety personnel.
  • That NTSB members had been repeatedly told by that FAA inspector about the massive safety violations, some of which were felonies involving falsified records on major safety requirement that were never accomplished.

The overall safety problems involved in a long line of airline disasters involving United Airlines and the culture within the FAA included:

  • Unlawful refusal by United Airlines to provide legally required training and competency checks to the cockpit crew members.
  • Falsification of federally required safety records.
  • Threats by key United Airlines personnel to get inspectors transferred if they continued to report the safety problems and safety violations at that airline.
  • Harassment against inspectors by FAA management personnel for having make the required reports on the safety problems and serious violations.
  • As a result, 42 people were cremated alive in that crash. None of the guilty were ever identified. Instead, most continued to receive the benefits of the misconduct that directly saved United Airlines considerable money (while the insurance companies paid for the crashes).

Stich appeared as guest on over 3,000 radio and TV programs, and over 30,000 books were sold for the various editions of Unfriendly Skies, making it probable that many of the next-of-kin knew about these problems. Not a single one ever made any effort to have these matters investigated. The only known reaction was to sue the airline for money.

United Airlines Crash Into Portland, Oregon

United Airlines DC-8 crash at Portland, Oregon. (Flight engineer and passengers killed.) Same problems with training and competency checks, enabled to occur by the usual endemiccover-ups.  That disaster occurred shortly after the first edition of Unfriendly Skies had been released, and threatened to expose the corruption responsible for a series of prior forewarned and preventable aviation disasters—--and the prior cover-ups by the political board members of the NTSB.

Apparently to avoid this information from appearing in the NTSB records, the NTSB can celled the normal public hearing.


United Airlines Crash Into Chicago

United Airlines crash at Midway Airport in Chicago. (Everyone on board was killed.) Same problems with training and competency checks and endemic cover-ups. Element of Watergate involved in the list of passengers.



United Airlines Crash Into Lake Michigan

United Airlines crash into Lake Michigan. (Everyone killed.) Caused by lack of altitude awareness that inspector Stich had previously reported and working on corrective actions, which were barred by FAA management who claimed there was no such problem. Same type of crash-causing problem as affecting American Airlines as it crashed during a night approach to Louisville, Kentucky during this same time period.

All of these, and other crashes, occurred in the program for which FAA inspector Rodney Stich had primary hands-on federal safety responsibilities, while he was repeatedly writing strongly worded reports on the corruption related to them. The corruption being of key people at United Airlines and within the government's aviation safety offices.

United Airlines Crash Departing Los Angeles

United Airlines Boeing 727 crash into the Pacific Ocean immediately after takeoff from Los Angeles, with everyone being killed. Same problems as in prior crashes and some that followed. Further complicated by FAA and United Airline personnel ignoring prior warnings that the failure by United Airlines to have a backup-power for flight instruments would result in the total loss of an aircraft; the illegal departure with a non-functioning generator. As in prior crashes, the cover-ups by FAA management, NTSB board members, members of Congress, enabled these and many other preventable airline disasters to occur.

Other United Airlines Crashes
Enabled by Pattern of Corruption

Most of the previously mentioned crashes at United Airlines occurred while FAA inspector Rodney Stich had primary safety responsibilities for the airline after being given the assignment to correct what was at that time the worse series of airline disasters in the nation's history.  A few of the other crashes involving United Airlines are briefly stated here:

  • United Airlines DC-6 crash during approach to Oakland Airport:

  • United Airlines DC-8 crash into the mountains during a holding pattern at Salt Lake City.

  • United Airlines CV 340 crash landing in the mountains between Bakersfield and Los Angeles due to fuel mismanagement.

  • United Airlines DC-7 ramming of TWA Constellation over the Grand Canyon.

  • United Airlines DC-6 crash near Bryce Canyon, Utah.

  • United Airlines DC-6 crash near Mt Carmel.

  • United Airlines DC-4 crash during night shortcut near Laramie, Wyoming.

  • United Airlines midair collision near Las Vegas.

Prior United Airlines Disasters: Same Enabling Causes   


Many Near-Crashes of United Airlines Flights

A Boeing 747 departing San Francisco International airport missed crashing into a hill during departure when the pilot flying mishandled the controls during a temporary engine surge. Other near disasters were periodically made known to former federal agent Rodney Stich by pilots from United Airlines.

Other United Airlines crashes.

American Airlines Crash at Cincinnati

No other airline had the crash-after-crash history of United Airlines. Nor did the other airliners have the reputation among federal airline safety inspectors for the amount of deliberate and criminal misconduct and threats to have FAA management take retaliatory actions against inspectors who refused to look the other way. This particular crash is mentioned because it was due to lack of altitude awareness, a safety problem that FAA inspector had observed and reported in writing, along with recommended corrective actions. As usual, those recommendations were ignored.

Paris DC-10 Disaster
Enabled by Gross FAA Misconduct

Very few people, including airline pilots, remember, or even heard of, the deadly problems associated with the DC-10, the crashes, and the near crashes. Among the many problems with the aircraft were:

  • Dangerous cargo door mechanism that resulted in an explosive decompression at high altitude when the cargo door suddenly burst open, causing the cabin floor to collapse downward and into the control cables, making the aircraft uncontrollable.
  • Engineers knew of the problems and in one company memo an engineer wrote that in the life of every DC-10, an explosive decompression would occur and everyone would be lost. The response to that memo was that if anything was said now, the question arises as to who would pay for the corrective actions.

The same FAA management in the Western Region, that FAA inspector Stich had repeatedly reported as captives of the industry they regulated repeatedly covered up for safety problems and even criminal safety violations that resulted in a continuing series of major airline disasters.

Only a very few insiders in the FAA knew of the documented misconduct that allowed major design problems to go uncorrected. After the most brutal of the DC-10 disasters, a plunge of a DC-10 into the ground near Paris, lawsuits were filed in the federal courts at Los Angeles. Because of the insider knowledge that former FAA inspector Rodney Stich possessed that showed the arrogance and corruption that resulted in that disaster, Stich filed a friend of the court brief, as shown by the following documents:

  • Former FAA inspector Rodney Stich filing papers as amicus curiae (friend of the court) in multi-district lawsuit against the FAA, July 7, 1975. (Adobe PDF)
  • Department of Justice filing opposing friend-of-the-court filing, August 13, 1975. (Adobe PDF)
  • Stich filing amended friend-of-the-court brief, August 18, 1975. (Adobe PDF)
  • Order by federal judge barring Stich from providing information and documentation on FAA misconduct that made the Paris DC-10 crash possible. Another example of how the public never hears of the corruption in government, as the system protects itself. September 12, 1975. (Adobe PDF) This was another breakdown in the checks and balances that permitted the deep-seated corruption to continue, along with the crashes and deaths, of which the 9/11 aircraft hijackings were simply one-day's consequences.

Alaska Airlines Crash Off California Coast:
Sampling of Another FAA Inspector's Problems

Other competent and concerned FAA inspectors experienced a sampling of FAA management misconduct and wholesale deaths. One of many examples stated in History of Aviation Disasters: 1950 to 9/11 was the deaths of everyone on board an Alaska Airlines crash off the California coast. The principle FAA inspector at that airline run into a small fraction of what I discovered and documented at United Airlines and the endemic FAA culture. Overall, it is a terrible picture of arrogance, corruption an thousands of deaths.

Crash of PSA 727 Into San Diego

In 1978, as the first edition of Unfriendly Skies became available, a 727 of PSA crashed into San Diego, taking the record for the world's worst air disaster from the United Airlines crash into New York City in 1960. Although FAA failure to act on the reports of flight crew drinking played an enabling role, the primary scandal was the cover-ups by the political board members of the National Transportation Safety Board of the behind-the-scene scandalous conduct—a common cover-up practice by the NTSB for years. That cover-up caused Stich to file a lawsuit against the NTSB, that had an interesting involvement by Department of Justice personnel, as described in the book.

Additional aviation disasters, some that could have been prevented if the culture of politics, incompetence, and corruption did not exist in the "tombstone agency" and the systemic culture of cover-up.

Corrupt Culture Investigating and Prosecuting Relating
To Pan Am Flight 103 Bombing Over Lockerbie

The culture of corruption involving employees of the U.S. Department of Justice, that Stich and his coalition repeatedly documented, surfaced in the U.S.-led investigation and prosecution following the bombing of Pan Am Flight 103 over Lockerbie. As detailed in the documentary books, History of Aviation Disasters: 1950 to 9/11 and Lockerbie to 9/11: Massive Fraud and Consequences, Justice Department employees protected for political purposes the people actually responsible for the bombing of Pan Am Flight 103 and planted bogus evidence to corruptly shift the blame to Libya and two Libyans. 

Those actions enabled the actual bombers to continue their terrorist acts against the United States, outrage the people of Libya against the United States, who were victimized by the U.S.-pushed economic sanctions, and enabled the Department of Just5ice culture to continue, which then enabled the 1993 World Trade Center bomber and a series of other terrorist successes.

The prosecution of an innocent Libyan using the massive power of the United States should bee one more out of many reasons why the American public should feel shame! The harm inflicted upon the Libyan people from the U.S. imposed financial sanctions contributed to the great and justifiable hatred of people in  the Middle East for the conduct of U.S. politicians.

Continuation of Ripple Effects on 9/11 From
Massive Corruption of Key Government Personnel

The catastrophic events that are ripple effects from earlier misconduct is virtually never recognized except by a few astute insiders. This relationship is seen frequently in the books related to this site. And the matter of ripple effectssometimes called the Butterfly Effectcould be seen from the culture of misconduct by key people at United Airlines and the most lasting misconduct within the FAA, and the easy hijackings of four airliners on 9/11.

Other than the terrorists themselves, there were many people whose misconduct made them enablers in the events of 9/11. If any one of them had, instead of engaging in the documents actions to block the misconduct that made is easy to hijack four airliners, helped to expose the corrupt activities they were trying to hide, the terrorists would not have succeeded, 3,000 people would not have been killed, the excuse would not have existed to start wars with Afghanistan and Iraq, the million-plus people killed since the start of two wars, and all the other tragedies that the American people have yet to experience.

But to understand this requires some mental exertion, so there is little chance of that relationship ever becoming known or used to finally become serious about doing something to halt the endemic corruption throughout the United States, in and out of government.

Key personnel at United Airlines helped set the stage for a long series of brutal and deadly airline disasters. That corruption fed into FAA management, partly due to the revolving door syndrome in government, and then fed on each other.

Key people at United Airlines were involved in massive safety irregularities that resulted in a continuing series of crashes and deaths, and even criminal falsification of government required records to cover up for costly safety requirements that were also standard at other airlines. Their misconduct fed up, or vice versa, the corrupt practices of key people within the government's aviation safety offices.

The loss of two United Airlines aircraft to terrorists on September 11, 2001, were ripple effects from the misconduct years earlier of certain people at United Airlines and a great number of people within the FAA. Both of these groups engaged in corrupt, and even criminal activities, as described in Unfriendly Skies: 20th and 21st Centuries. The actions by both groups reinforced each other, effectively blocking the few competent and dedicated federal safety agents from enforcing government safety requirements. Many other crashes followed. But particularly ironic was that two of the four airliners hijacked on 9/11 were those of United Airlines.

How ironic! And worst, as in the past, the misconduct by key United Airlines personnel in conjunction with key FAA management, resulted in the loss of other airliners, such as the two American Airline aircraft on 9/11.



To help understand how the hijackings of four airliners on 911 occurred and the relationship to the problems former federal safety agent Rodney Stich discovered and tried to report and correct, consider the following:

  • Four groups of terrorists were able to hijack four airliners on 9/11 because the known procedures for preventing hijackings were not implemented. Remember, if these were put in place, 3,000 people would not have been brutally killed on that date, and the reason for such peripheral effects such as the U.S. invasion of Iraq would not have occurred. If this is important to you, read on!

Why weren't the preventative measures in place? The same reason why many other preventative measures were not taken that allowed decades of preventable airline disasters to occur: the corruption within the FAA that is a matter of records in the possession of former federal agent Stich, and described in the book, Unfriendly Skies: 20th & 21st Centuries.

What people were involved in covering up for this corruption? The people involved in covering up for the corruption and even criminal activities include, among others, the following:

  • Members of Congress, who for years were informed by letters of the deadly corruption affecting airline safety (as well as criminal activities elsewhere that affected national security). From 1964 to the present date, letters were sent to members of Congress on all of these matters, offering to provide testimony and evidence. Stich even filed lawsuits against members of Congress on the basis of the cover-ups, in an attempt to make a judicial record of their obstruction of justice activities. The corruption in Congress that was publicized in the latter half of 2006 were just the tip of the iceberg.

  • Federal judges, through legal filings seeking to report the federal crimes to a federal judge, as specifically provided by the federal crime reporting statute. Federal judges responded by (a) blocking the reports; (b) issuing unlawful and unconstitutional orders permanently barring Stich from filing any papers in any federal court; (c) charging Stich with criminal contempt of court for attempting to report ongoing criminal activities. These judicial acts were obstruction of justice felonies and retaliation felonies.

  • Media people. Starting while Stich was a federal agent attempting to get publicity to the corruption so as to bring it to a halt, Stich repeatedly notified in writing media people, stressing deaths and the great harm resulting to national security, and offering to provide the testimony of himself and numerous other former government agents. None responded, which made possible many of the nation's worst tragedies. Reasons for the non-response would include (a) those who are secretly receiving money from the CIA and other government offices; (b) not wishing to offend their sources high in government; (c) laziness, among other reasons.

  • Department of Justice officials. Starting while Stich was still a federal employee seeking to report the criminal activities that he discovered during his official duties, people in the various divisions of the Department of Justice were repeatedly notified of the criminal activities affecting national security. Instead of acting on the corruption, they charged Stich with criminal contempt of court in collaboration with federal judges at Sacramento, California, among other things.

They all made possible the conditions resulting in 3,000 deaths on 9/11, which were only one-day's consequences in only one of the areas involved in the corruption. Oh, one other group: the members of the public who knew of these charges, knew of the cover-ups, knew of the retaliation against the former federal agent, and who were too lazy to help!

Sampling of other pages related to the 9/11 hijackings:

  Woman Jumping to Her Death, One of Over 200
Made Possible by Corrupt Enablers

More information on the enablers to those catastrophic events:

  • 9/11 index.

  • Information provided by a mole inside the al Qaeda cell headed by infamous Ramzi Yousef on the planned terrorist attack, information that was then "deep-sixth" by high-level FBI-DOJ personnel. Absence of preventative measures resulted in nearly 4,000 deaths.

  • Comparative blame for 9/11 between Afghanistan, Iraq, and the documented conduct of enablers in the United States.

  • 9/11 enablers.

4,000 Lives Sacrificed to Terrorists So As To
Protect FBI Personnel Involved in Murders


As described in two of the related books, unprecedented inside information on several major terrorist attacks upon major U.S. targets was given to FBI agents in the New York City offices. These books are History of Aviation Disasters: 1950 to 9/11; Crimes of the FBI-DOJ, Mafia, and al Qaeda; and Lockerbie to 9/11: Massive Fraud and Consequences.


National Record of Deaths For Blowback Consequences


If high-level Department of Justice officials had not "deep-sixth" that information, preventative actions could have been taken to prevent the forewarned attacks that eventually killed nearly 4,000 people; eventually led to the U.S. involvement in two wars; killed and wounded over a million people; and generated the world's largest number of people wanting to kill Americans. How is that for a classic example of ripple effect consequences! Even that will probably not stir most Americans from their pursuit of trivia!


The reason for not passing on the information that could have prevented these consequences? The advance information about the planned terrorist attacks were being given to FBI agents by a former New York City Mafiosi who was scheduled to testify about the multiple murders involving his farther, a Colombo Mafia capo known as "The Killing Machine," that were carried out with the help and at the suggestion of a key FBI supervisor.  That testimony would have resulted in the imprisonment of that FBI supervisor, and reveal the names of other Department of Justice personnel who knew of the murder relationship and covered up for them as the murders were occurring.

Evidence Direct From the Mafia Mole and FBI Insider


This writer acquired the details of these matters through years of correspondence with that Mafiosi that was a mole in al Qaeda primary bomb unit headed by Ramzi Yousef, and information provided by a Vietnam War hero, Richard Taus, who was an FBI agent  working directly under that infamous FBI supervisor. That war hero, who saved the lives of many gravely wounded GIs trapped by enemy fire, made the mistake of exposing FBI corruption and foolishly reporting it to the nation's top cover-up body, members of Congress.

Two World Record Aviation Disasters in NYC:
40 Years Apart—Both Enabled by Corruption
Discovered by
Corruption Fighter

New York City experienced on two separate occasions, world-record horrific aviation disasters, 40 years apart. Preceding each of those catastrophic events was documented corruption  and kept from the people. The first of these world-record aviation disasters was an airliner crashing into the Brooklyn section of New York City. The second world-record event were two airliners flown into the World Trade Center. Both groups were preceded by corruption that enabled the events to occur, but the corrupt conduct that preceded the latest were high-level criminal acts. Details at

Advance Information on the Following Al Qaeda Attacks

U.S. Embassies in Africa

FBI-DOJ personnel were given advance notice of the bombing of two U.S. embassies in Africa by the mole inside the al Qaeda cell headed by Ramzi Yousef. One was in Kenya and another in Tanzania.





  • Hijackings of airliners to be flown into buildings.

  • TWA Flight 800, departing a New York City airport was downed, shortly thereafter. Strong Suspicion of Terrorist Act. See the book, Unfriendly Skies: 20th & 21st Centuries. This link provides information on 100 surface-to-air missiles being made available to Middle East terrorists about one year before the downing of TWA Flight 800; the rejection of the missiles by FBI-CIA personnel, and the letters written by former federal agent Rodney Stich to members of Congress seeking to prevent the transfer of the missiles. No response−followed by the missile downing of TWA Flight 800. Followed by the need for the standard cover-up to protect high-level government personnel.

  • One other al Qaeda bombing for which advance information was obtained from another source: 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center.

Evidence of Terrorism on Downing of American Airlines Flight 587


Repeating the tactics used with the downing of TWA Flight 800, government personnel shifted the blame for the downing of American Airlines Flight 587 from a terrorist act to a structural failure of the rudder assembly. The blame was on slight turbulence that may have existed. That excuse was recognized as fabrication by any pilot with years of experience with extreme turbulence. Also, by knowledge of aircraft that due to combat or other severe encounter lost their rudder assembly and were flyable.




Continuation of Criminal conduct in the DOJ-Directed
Investigation and Prosecution Involving the Bombing of
Pan American Flight 103 Over Lockerbie

  • Corruption by FBI-DOJ personnel related to downing of Pan American Flight 103 over Lockerbie, that covered up for actual bombers for political reasons, planted evidence that was purchased, and paid for sworn testimony, a culture that existed and made possible subsequent terrorist successes and deaths. That was the first of a later series of  terrorist attacks, and the corrupt acts by FBI personnel, including:

    • Placement of evidence miles from the crash scene, months after the disasters, that had been bought from a witness paid to give perjured testimony.

    • Bribing some witnesses to give perjured testimony;

    • Threatening other witnesses to withhold testimony revealing the FBI agents' misconduct;

    • Protecting the actual terrorists responsible for the bombing, for political reasons;

    • Falsely charging a Libyan for the crime;

    • Suddenly releasing the Libyan on condition that he drops the appeal that was to be heard in November 2009, that included the sworn testimony and other evidence of one of the biggest frauds ever to cover up for a major terrorist attack;

    • The usual withholding of this evidence from the American people by U.S. media and politicians.

    • The CIA drug smuggling scheme using Pan Am aircraft that facilitated the bomb placement. See Drugging America book.

Sampling of Other Informative Links

For the rare person with a serious interest in facts gravely affecting the people:

Endless List of U.S. Enablers In
History of American Disasters

A seemingly endless list of American disasters were either caused by or enabled by the systemic corruption and systemic cover-ups that constitutes the most prominent culture among U.S. leaders. These enablers can be divided into groups in the order of the gravity of the misconduct:

  • Group One

  • History of cover-ups by members of Congress

  • FBI-DOJ corruption

  • Much of the American Public. For over 40 years, former federal agent Rodney Stich has made information and documentation available to the American public about these matters through book publications and over 3,000 radio-TV appearances since 1978. Many other insiders have also provided the public with information on high-level corruption, and encountering total indifference. Their indifference made possible some of the nation's greatest tragedies. With the U.S. public's obsession with trivia, and support of the most possible incompetent politicians and political candidates, there is no reason to believe that this American culture will change.

The American Public

Much More Intrigue is Involved

The book, History of Aviation Disasters: 1950 to 9/11, reveals only part of the intertwined misconduct, enablers, and catastrophic consequences for people in the United States and overseas. The total library of documentary books reveals other segments.

Information on the books by former government agent Rodney Stich

Sampling of early books reviews

Sampling of complimentary letters/faxes to author/activist Rodney Stich.

List of Books Documenting 50 Years of High-Level Corruption and
Resulting Series of Major American Tragedies







All of the books are available at, in print and digital formats, and at many other Internet sites. They bring together the various pieces of the puzzle to better understand the overall picture, and why the same conditions continue year after year. Information on the books by former government agent Rodney Stich

Sampling of early books reviews

Sampling of complimentary letters/faxes to author/activist Rodney Stich.


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