Introduction to half century of needless aviation disasters and terrorist successes—and their enablers.


Two world record aviation disasters in NYC: 40 years apart—both enabled by corruption discovered by corruption-fighter.


First world record New York City aviation disaster.


United Airlines DC-8 crash at Denver Airport.


United Airlines crash at Salt Lake City: classic of massive corruption and related deaths.


United Airlines crash into Portland, Oregon.


United Airlines crash into Chicago.


United Airlines crash into Lake Michigan.


United Airlines crash departing Los Angeles.


Other United Airlines crashes.


Many near-crashes of United Airlines flights.


American Airlines crash at Cincinnati.


Paris DC-1- disaster enabled by gross FAA misconduct.


Alaska Airlines crash off California coast: Sampling of another FAA inspector's problems.


Crash of PSA 727 into San Diego.


Corrupt culture investigating and prosecuting relating to Pan Am Flight 103 Lockerbie


Continuation of ripple effects from massive corruption on 9/11.


4,000 lives sacrificed to terrorists by deep-sixing advance information direct from top al Qaeda bomber so as to protect FBI supervisor involved in multiple murders.


National record of deaths for blowback consequences.


Evidence direct from the Mafia mole and FBI insider.


Advance information on the following al Qaeda attacks.


Evidence of terrorism on downing of American Airlines Flight 587 shortly after 9/11.


Continuation of criminal fraud in the DOJ-directed investigation and prosecution involving the bombing of Pan Am Flight 103 over Lockerbie.


Sampling of various informative links.


Endless list of U.S. enablers in history of American disasters.


Much more intrigue is involved, as described in over a dozen documentary books written by insiders.








Above aviation disasters made possible from the corruption activities related to the following airline disasters:








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Highlights of the sequence of discovery of the corruption, the cover-ups, and the retaliation.


Newspaper displays informing the American public of the continuing corruption and related tragedies.


Fallen heroes who sought to protect American interests, and paid the price.


History of the corrupt misuse of government power by FBI-DOJ personnel to silence insiders seeking to report major corruption associated with major national tragedies.


"College" education on government intrigue and tragic consequences.


Donations to continue investigative work and publishing of non-profit books, via Paypal using your credit card or your Paypal account.


How one of many schemes, charging a former federal agent with criminal contempt of court, played a major role in the deaths of 3,000 people on 9/11.


Master letter list providing sampling of warning letters to people having important positions, and who became enablers in various crimes and tragedies.


The role of the American people, as victims, and enablers.


Flying through the Grand Canyon, and many other breathtaking scenic pictures taken from airplanes by Rodney Stich:


Congressional corruption sequence.


Precise felonies arising from the corruption, the cover-ups, and the multiple schemes to silence whistleblowers.


Role of lawyers and law firms in years of sham attempts to prevent exposure of the deadly corruption being reported by one former federal agent.


Conspiracy by lawyers and judges to block reporting of high-level corruption.


Harm inflicted upon the United States by the Trojan-horse-like corruption and cover-ups.


Judicial sequence of repeated obstruction of justice, civil rights violations combined with felony retaliation, playing major roles in the harm inflicted upon the United States and its people.


Documented complicity by Justices of the U.S. Supreme Court.


Laws repeatedly violated by California and federal judges, in addition to the criminal statutes, as part of the continuing scheme to prevent the public from learning about the endemic corruption in high places and the resulting great tragedies.


Sampling of lawsuits filed under the crime reporting statute seeking to report the ongoing tragedy-related corruption.


Sequence of the sham legal attacks to block the exposure of the corruption in high places. Highlights. Discovery.


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