Two primary and direct enablers of 9/11: one, criminal; the other, a combination.


Several distinct groups and levels of enablers.


Department of Justice personnel: primary and criminal enablers of 9/11.


Decades of aviation disasters from politics and corruption in "tombstone agency."


NTSB political board members as enablers.


Federal judges' cover-ups and criminal attacks on corruption-fighter.


Supreme Court Justices' complicity: 1980 to 2005.


Members of Congress and their enabling cover-ups


California judges: shilling for DOJ personnel: early enablers.


Hoard of lawyers—shills for DOJ scheme.


Media personnel and media corporations: enablers through obstruction of justice.


American public and their abdication of personal responsibilities.


Post-9/11 continuing cover-ups by federal judges and Supreme Court Justices—enabling post-9/11 horrors.


Shifting enabling blame from  themselves—and killing tens of thousands of innocents in Afghanistan and Iraq.


Sampling of American victims from post-9/11 judicial and other cover-ups.


Enablerscriminals under federal law.


Sources for information and credibility.


List of documentary books with unprecedented list of insiders.


Other enablers of 9/11.


Continued judicial cover-up after their enabling 9/11 conduct.


Groups whose earlier corrupt actions made 9/11 possible.


Sampling of people and groups repeatedly notified, expanding the list of enablers


Lawsuits against government personnel on basis of criminal cover-ups and to force media attention.


DOJ and other enablers falsifying 9/11 Commission Report


Post-9/11 discovery of additional enabling corruption.


Sacrificing 4,000 lives to protect FBI supervisor.


Another in series of hoaxes upon the U.S. public: Corrupt investigation and prosecution of Pan Am Flight 103 bombing over Lockerbie.


Sampling of deaths enabled by the preceding conduct.


Lawyers as enablers of  great tragedies


Comparison of culpability for 9/11: Afghanistan, Iraq, or U.S. enablers.


Enablers as criminals under federal law.


Links between earlier misconduct at United Airlines and 9/11.


Stand by for more to come.


Conspiracy theorists diverting attention from primary enablers of 9/11.


History of catastrophic events enabled by corruption in U.S. government.


List of documentary books showing U.S. government personnel's misconduct and resulting harm.


Sampling of related pages.


People of foreign countries experienced horrific consequences from corruption of U.S. politicians



Sequence of the sham legal attacks to block the exposure of the corruption in high places. Highlights. Discovery.


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